How To Sell Silver Coins For Melt Value?

Sell Silver Coins For Melt ValueWondering how to sell silver coins for melt value? Now it’s easier than ever with high silver market price and active silver investment market. All you need is to locate trustworthy scrap silver coin buyers and visit their office directly or, better yet, mail your silver coins for an estimated pay out amount. But beware of silver coin scams or simply being paid too low for you silver coins or jewelry. Deal only with reputable refineries that have an established history and customers’ testimonials to show for it.

In our opinion, one of the best places to take your coins for melt value is Midwest Refineries LLC who has been in the business of precious metals refining since 1939. They also pay one of the highest pay outs for your silver coins, namely, 90% of the market spot price of silver. In addition to the coin melting services they offer an option of melting your coins into generic silver bars or ingots. However, they are not the only online place to consider, there are other no less trustworthy places you can use. Make sure you research them through Better Business Bureau website and read their customers’ reviews.

Before you even start researching how to sell silver coins online, it is important to know that you should do your research before rushing to sell your coins or silver jewelry. The first step is figuring out what kind of coins you have. Generally there are three main categories of coins and each one of them has different factors going in their coin prices. Numismatic or collectible coins and bullion coins should never be considered for being melted down unless these are grossly damaged. For the silver bullion coins, you will not get more than their silver coin melt value. The best place to offer these coins for sale is through an online auction or your local silver dealer. Numismatic coins, on the other hand, have additional value beyond their actual intrinsic value that is assessed based on coin type, its grade, rarity and demand factors. Numismatic or bullion coins should never be taken to a refinery because they simply do not care how rare or special your coins are – you will be compensated no more than 90% of the actual silver content.

If you want to know how to sell silver coins that have potential numismatic value, you best bet is one of online auctions that draw coin enthusiasts from all over the world. In case you are just not sure how to sell silver coins because you cannot determine their market value, you can always check online to get an idea of what your silver coins are worth.

Please think twice before you ask yourself a question how to sell silver coins for melt value because you might be better off stashing them in case of the economic events when paper money becomes worthless. This way you can use your junk silver coins stash to pay for basic survival necessities. These will sure beat overpriced gold prices that simply are impractical for these purposes.