Top 10 Silver Coin Dealers

Silver Coin DealersMost Mints do not offer coins for sale to the public, instead they deal with wholesale silver coin dealers who then resell collectible or silver bullion coins to mass market customers. A quick internet search for silver coin dealers online or in your area is going to return a number of businesses. How do you know who to trust to get the best selection, coin prices and ultimate customer satisfaction? No matter if you want to purchase bullion coins for silver investment or to add a few special pieces for your collection, check the list below where we have come up with a list of top 10 reputable silver coin dealers on the market.

What are the Best Dealers for Silver Coins?

For me, there is only one place I recommend above all other silver coins dealers:  American Hartford Gold Group.

With over $2 BILLION in transactions done, they can assist you in buying silver coins or even putting them inside your retirement portfolio.

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After that, there is a huge gap in experience, trust, and credibility.  Other companies to look at are listed below, but I recommend you click the above link to get a free consult.

APMEX is one of the leading silver coin dealers on the market. Buying coins from APMEX you could be positive that you are paying one of the lowest premiums on your silver investment. Moreover, at APMEX you will find an endless variety of coins and bars from various precious metals, not just silver. Every product is presented with enlarged clear photographs with detailed description and also buy/ sell price listings.

Gainesville Coins is another very respectable choice among silver coin dealers. It’s not just a coin dealer, it’s also a great resource to learn about various numismatic and bullion coins or bars. Competitive pricing and excellent customer service earned this coin dealer the Best Bullion Award in 2011. Pay with a bank wire to save even more money on Gainesville Coins.

Monex Precious Metals has been serving silver coin buyers since 1967 and has made quite a name for itself. What sets this coin vendor apart from the rest of silver coin dealers is a special coin buying financing system you will not see anywhere else.

California Numismatic Investments provide you with market insight so you are not buying coins blindly and understand your options. And you can always count on free shipping on all silver or gold purchases over $2,000 limit.

Northwest Territorial Mint is not only your ultimate source of purchasing bullion and collectible coins, here you can order custom minted commemorative coins, medallions, buckles and so much more. Should customers have a question, it can always be addressed by non-commissioned sales associates who are striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. is not just one of silver coin dealers but it’s your reliable partner serving you in all your precious metals buying needs. Gold is also dedicated to providing its customers with unsurpassed service and free market financial analysis. In addition, they offer IRA precious metals investment options through the network of custodial services across the country.

American Gold Exchange is accredited with Better Business Bureau for being one of the trustworthy bullion and coin dealers. Pick through their outstanding selection of the most popular bullion or numismatic coins and you will be surprised how low their premiums are over the spot prices of precious metals.

JM Bullion located in Lancaster, PA is a reliable coin dealer specializing on bullion coins and bars. This vendor caters specifically to silver investors so it’s not rare to see premium costs lower than with APMEX or other well known dealers.

eBay silver coin dealers are an excellent place to search for silver coins value deals. You just never know what you are going to find out there. Just make sure you shop only with top rated sellers with 100% customer satisfaction. boasts low premium fees and a good selection of coins. Better Business Bureau has awarded this coin dealer with an A rating. Their selection of coins include a variety of US coins, both bullion and numismatics as well as popular international coins.

Silver coins calculators can help you estimate how much a certain coin’s melt value is. If you want to learn more facts about this tool, scroll over to read one of our articles on this topic.