I’m Tim Schmidt, and I started trading precious metals in 2006.  With 17 years (and counting) in the game, I consider myself a gold and silver expert.

After selling my business in the health industry, I decided to start a newsletter about alternative investments.

The newsletter was wildly successful, and it led me to focus full time on my passion for investing.  This led me to many media features, which you can find below.

I now have a growing YouTube channel called Tag Economy, am the lead writer at IRAInvesting.com, and a featured columnist at Cayman Financial Review.

Keeping my wealth through turbulent markets is my SOLE focus, and I find nothing better than gold and silver investments to accomplish this goal.

This website has one purpose – to share my studies on precious metals and to educate my readers with information on how they can SAFELY purchase precious metals either for their own vaulting purposes, or inside of the retirement portfolio.  I’m very media friendly, as you’ll see below, so please reach out to me if you ever need advice, a quote, or help with a story.

In the Media:

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gold chart













I share this gold chart over the last 20 years as PROOF that gold is a stable investment that thrives when the economy is in the doldrums.

When there is geo-political turmoil, inflation, and interest rates hikes, gold and silver increase in value. It’s just that simple.

For this reason, I always have 5-20% of my wealth in precious metals investments.

We are in for tough times ahead.  There are two wars, inflation, uncertainty about interest rates, and most importantly, a very important election coming up here in the United States.

Whether you take action, or ride out the economic roller coaster, I urge you to educate yourself on the topic of precious metals investing and follow my website for information on how you can use precious metals to help you safeguard your portfolio.

Below find financial thought leaders – sources I closely follow to help me execute my content I publish here.

Gold Investors I Follow

john paulsonJohn Paulson

Hedge fund investor John Paulson has worked with assets under management exceeding $35 billion.  In 2015 he had more than $1.5 billion in gold made up of bullion, stocks, and ETFS.

Paulson accurately predicted the 2007 housing market crash and helped his investors earn nearly $15 billion during the toughest of financial times for most people.


stanley druckenmillerStanley Druckenmiller

Another hedge fund icon, Druckenmiller’s hedge fund routinely holds $200 – $400 million in gold holdings.

The night prior to Donald Trump being elected, Drunkenmiller got out of all his gold holdings, which made serious waves in the media.

Only months later, he bought back into gold in February of 2017.

robert kiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki

The author of the best selling book on finance, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Kiyosaki is a huge gold advocate.

In recent social media updates, he’s predicted that gold will rise to $75,000 an ounce and silver will trade at $60,000 an ounce if the world economy crashes.

Kiyosaki often speaks of the collapse of the dollar and urges investors to get their money out of the stock market.

It’s important that you choose your sources for information carefully.  

I tend to agree that the economy is NOT in a good place, and for that reason, diversify my portfolio with alternative assets.