Top 10 Collectible Silver Coins

Collectible Silver CoinsCoin collecting is a fun hobby and an opportunity to profit in difficult economic times when prices for precious metals take off. Collectible silver coins come from all over the world and those countries that use quality silver, beautiful design and finish in their striking are generally the most valuable to collectors. Numismatic coins’ prices differ greatly depending on the grade of the coin, year of the mintage, mintage quantity and many other factors that go into the equation. Choose coins that are certified and come in air tight coin holders to protect their finish and retain integrity. Most orders directly from government mints or highly respected coin dealers will use protective coverings for their collectibles. Rarely will you find high quality silver coins just sent without specific certifications and protections.

Most numismatic hobbyists do not have enough knowledge or funds to start collecting rare coins, however, there is a great variety of low priced collectible silver coins that can enrich any silver coins collection. Below you will find top 10 collectible silver coins.

American Silver Eagle coins are minted in one ounce sizes and are traded close to the current market silver value. The first silver eagles were stamped “1986” and silver eagles are both uncirculated and proof formats. To find the best value in US silver eagle coins research silver coin dealers such as APMEX which has the latest values in bullion and proofs.

Liberty Seated dollars are highly collectible coins allowing you to add a piece of American coin making history in your collection. Issued between 1840-1843 these coins are available in a variety of grades and conditions.

2001 Buffalo Black Diamond Commemorative Silver Coin is definitely worth its high price tag, since it represents the finest images from the American coin making industry, namely, Indian Head on the obverse and Black Diamond Buffalo on the back. Available in limited mintages adding to its rarity factor.

Highly collectible silver coins include the Silver Wolf from the Canadian Wildlife series minted in 2011. The mintage is limited to 1 million coins and will increase in value over time because of its .9999 purity rate. The coins bear an image of Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse and a gorgeous timber wolf on its back in the efforts to raise awareness of the declining population of wolves all over the world.

Consider the Austrian Philharmonic 0.999 pure silver coin bearing an image of the famous orchestra in Vienna and the iconic musical instruments. These coins have retained their silver value through the European money crisis and are becoming high recognized as collectibles.

Australian Lunar Series 1 oz 0.999 pure Silver coins are highly collectible. The obverse of the coin is embellished with images of Queen Elizabeth II and the back depicting lunar years according to the Chinese calendar. Each year the coins are struck by Perth Mint with the new design sparking collectors’ interest.

Australian silver coins that feature the kangaroo, kookaburra and koala have a mintage of .999 fine silver and are only increasing in value every year. Combining the bullion quality with collectors’ quality and appeal these coins are excellent collectible silver coins with designs changing annually.

Canadian Silver Dollar Proof Poppy Coin is another exquisite choice among collectible silver coins because it features a multicolored design. Issued in 2010 it commemorates the remembrance of the last Canadian veteran passing. This timeless coin issued only in 5K mintage quantity of .0925 pure silver and is a highly sought after commemorative coin.

No numismatic collection is complete without adding Silver Panda coins from China which are becoming increasingly collectables due to ever-changing designs of the panda depicted on the coins and the value of Chinese 0.999 silver purity.

Silver Proof Brittania coins are struck from 0.999 pure silver and represent the finest collectible coins from Britain. Minted in limited quantities of only 2,500 pieces they will sure keep collectors’ interest high.