United States Gold Bureau Review

United States Gold Bureau Review

Are you looking to invest in precious metals but unsure where to start? Look no further! Enter the world of the United States Gold Bureau, your one-stop destination for investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the services and offerings provided by this reputable company, helping you make well-informed investment decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • The US Gold Bureau offers a wide variety of coins and bars for portfolio diversification, with secure storage solutions and insurance protection.
  • Investors can choose from Traditional or Roth IRA options, receive discounts on bulk purchases, and benefit from educational resources to make informed decisions.
  • The company provides an easy purchasing process with insured shipments for individuals, businesses & institutions looking to invest in precious metals.

Understanding the United States Gold Bureau

Established in 2003, the US Gold Bureau has made a significant impact in the precious metals industry, offering a variety of coins and currencies, including gold bar, and providing expert advice in investing in precious metals. They have built a solid reputation over the years by guaranteeing the accurate delivery of products, such as gold bars and coins, to their clients. Their growth strategy has been to acquire other businesses, expanding their offerings and services to cater to a wide range of customers.

Texas Bullion Depository Connection

The Texas Bullion Depository, established in 2018, is managed by the parent company of the US Gold Bureau, Lone Star Tangible Assets (LSTA). This connection ensures secure storage solutions for precious metals, as the Texas Bullion Depository implements advanced security measures, such as secure vaults and state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Investors can have peace of mind knowing their valuable assets are safely stored and protected.

Expansion and Acquisitions

The US Gold Bureau has grown significantly since its inception, acquiring other businesses to expand its offerings and services. In 2021, they acquired Wholesale Coins Direct, which had a significant impact on its growth, making it one of the most prominent dealers of precious metals bullion and certified coins. This acquisition has allowed the US Gold Bureau to:
  • Offer an augmented selection of Gold, Silver, and Platinum coins from the U.S. Mint
  • Access a wider customer base
  • Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Precious Metals Offered by the US Gold Bureau

Precious Metals Offered by the US Gold Burea The US Gold Bureau offers a wide variety of precious metals, including gold and silver coins and bars, catering to different investment preferences. From purchasing gold coins like American Gold Eagles and Canadian Gold Maple Leafs to silver bars, investors have numerous options to diversify their portfolios and secure their wealth with tangible assets. We shall examine the various types of gold and silver products available for investment.

Gold Coins and Bars

Gold coins and bars are available in various sizes and designs, catering to different investment preferences. The US Gold Bureau offers an array of gold coins, such as:
  • American Gold Eagles
  • American Gold Buffalos
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leafs
  • South African Krugerrands
Gold bars also come with unique and artistic designs, depending on the manufacturing company. The company takes several measures to guarantee the quality and purity of gold coins and bars, ensuring buyers receive gold products of the highest quality and purity.

Silver Coins and Bars

Apart from gold, the US Gold Bureau also offers silver coins and bars, providing additional options for portfolio diversification. They offer a variety of silver coins, including the Silver American Eagle coins. Silver bars come in different designs and sizes, catering to various investment preferences. The US Gold Bureau guarantees the quality and purity of silver coins and bars, ensuring investors receive top-quality precious metals.

Investing in a Precious Metals IRA with the US Gold Bureau

Elderly couple reviewing investment options with a financial advisor Investing in a Precious Metals IRA (individual retirement accounts) can be a valuable addition to your investment portfolio, providing a secure option for a comfortable retirement. The US Gold Bureau offers IRA services for investing in physical gold and other precious metal assets, with both Traditional and Roth IRA options available. We shall detail these options and explain how to set up a Precious Metals IRA with the US Gold Bureau.

Traditional and Roth IRA Options

When investing with the US Gold Bureau, you can choose between Traditional and Roth IRAs based on your financial goals and tax preferences. Contributions made up to a certain limit with a Traditional IRA are tax-deductible. The earnings on these contributions can grow tax-deferred until the age of 59 and a half.. On the other hand, with a Roth IRA, contributions up to a certain limit are not tax-deductible, but the earnings on these contributions grow tax-free for as long as the account is open.

Setting up a Precious Metals IRA

Setting up a Precious Metals IRA with the US Gold Bureau is a straightforward process, with expert guidance available every step of the way. The process involves:
  1. Identifying a reliable IRA custodian or trustee
  2. Opening a Precious Metals IRA account
  3. Adding funds to the account
  4. Selecting the specific precious metals to include in the IRA
  5. Working with the custodian or trustee to purchase the chosen metals and have them stored in a secure depository.
The US Gold Bureau ensures a seamless experience, making it easy for investors to diversify their retirement portfolios and secure their financial future.

Security and Storage Solutions

High-security vault with safety deposit boxes The US Gold Bureau takes the security of investments seriously, offering vaulting and storage facilities, as well as insurance and protection for clients’ precious metals. We will examine the company’s storage facilities and the extra protection provided through insurance.

Vaulting and Storage Facilities

The US Gold Bureau offers secure vaulting and storage options for precious metals through facilities such as the Texas Bullion Depository and private vaults in London through Barclays. These vaults ensure optimal security and safety for clients’ investments, with advanced security measures in place, such as high-security vaults, security gates, and surveillance systems. These measures guarantee the preservation and safety of the precious metals stored within.

Insurance and Protection

As a certified and insured dealer, the US Gold Bureau provides additional protection for clients’ investments. They offer insurance policies that safeguard precious metals and bullion investments against theft, loss, and damage, providing coverage for a variety of products, including:
  • gold
  • silver
  • platinum
  • palladium
With the US Gold Bureau, clients can rest assured that their investments are well-protected.

Customer Experience and Support

Satisfied customer leaving a positive review for the United States Gold Bureau The US Gold Bureau is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and support, offering educational resources and showcasing client testimonials and reviews. We will review the educational resources provided by the company and the experiences shared by other investors who write reviews through testimonials and reviews.

Educational Resources

The US Gold Bureau provides a wealth of educational materials to help investors make informed decisions about precious metals investments. They offer comprehensive resources, including articles, videos, and webinars, covering topics such as diversifying within precious metals and other essential components of constructing a precious metals portfolio. These resources are available to all and provide valuable insights for both novice and experienced investors.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Client testimonials and reviews offer insights into the experiences of other investors with the US Gold Bureau, helping potential clients make an informed decision about whether to invest with the company. While there are some negative reviews, the majority of clients have expressed satisfaction with the company’s service and support, highlighting the helpful customer service, easy online transactions, and fast shipping. These testimonials provide valuable information for potential investors considering the US Gold Bureau for their precious metals investments.

Pricing and Discounts

The US Gold Bureau offers competitive pricing and discounts on precious metals, ensuring that clients receive the best value for their investments. Pricing is based on spot prices and premiums, ensuring transparency in pricing for clients. We will outline the company’s pricing structure and the discounts available for large-scale purchases.

Spot Price vs. Premiums

The company’s prices are based on spot prices and premiums, providing a transparent pricing structure for clients. Spot prices refer to the current market price at which a particular metal can be bought or sold for immediate delivery, while premiums encompass the costs related to manufacturing, distribution, and dealer services. These premiums are added to the spot price when acquiring precious metals, ensuring that clients understand the full cost of their investments.

Bulk Purchase Discounts

The US Gold Bureau offers discounts for bulk purchases, making it more affordable for investors to diversify their portfolios and secure their wealth with tangible assets. Discounts are available for orders of a significant size on individual products, providing clients with an incentive to invest in larger quantities of precious metals, such as when they decide to purchase gold. This allows investors to benefit from volume discounts and maximize their returns on investment.

Purchasing Process and Shipping

The purchasing process and shipping with the US Gold Bureau are designed to be easy and secure, ensuring that clients can confidently invest in precious metals. Online and phone orders are available, providing flexibility and convenience for clients. We will study the specifics of the purchasing process and the shipping methods used by the company.

Online and Phone Orders

Investors can place orders with the US Gold Bureau online or over the phone, providing flexibility and convenience. The company’s website features a user-friendly interface, allowing clients to easily browse and select their desired products. For those who prefer a more personal touch, the company’s Precious Metals Specialists are available via phone to assist with placing orders and answering questions.

Insured Shipments and Delivery

The US Gold Bureau ensures the safe arrival of precious metals by providing insured shipments and secure delivery. All packages are insured, and shipments are dispatched via USPS or FedEx, offering clients peace of mind that their investments are well-protected during transit. In the event of any issues with the shipment, clients are encouraged to contact the company promptly to resolve the matter.

Who Can Invest with the US Gold Bureau?

The US Gold Bureau caters to a wide range of investors, including individuals, businesses, and institutions, offering various investment options and services to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned professional, the US Gold Bureau provides the resources, support, and expertise you need to make informed decisions and confidently invest in precious metals.


In conclusion, the US Gold Bureau is a reliable and reputable company offering a wide range of precious metals investment options, from gold and silver coins and bars to Precious Metals IRAs. With a focus on customer experience and support, the company provides educational resources, secure storage solutions, and competitive pricing to help investors make the most of their precious metals investments. So, why wait? Start your journey into the world of precious metals investing with the US Gold Bureau today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is US Gold Bureau a reputable company?

US Gold Bureau is a reputable company, backed by experienced management, reliable customer service, and commitment to excellence. It is trusted as a reliable source of physical gold, silver bullion, and coins for investors.

What does the US Gold Bureau do?

The US Gold Bureau offers rare and modern coins and currency, gold, platinum and silver in bullion form as well as certified investment grade coins that can be included in IRAs. Our professionals are ready to assist you with all your precious metals investing and coin collecting needs.

Are US citizens allowed to own gold?

From 1933 to 1974, it was illegal for U.S. citizens to own gold bullion without a special license. This period of gold prohibition lasted over 40 years until President Gerald Ford signed a bill legalizing private ownership of gold in 1974. Today, citizens are allowed to own gold without any licensing or restrictions.

Can anyone buy gold from the US Mint?

No, the U.S. Mint does not sell gold bullion coins directly to the public. To acquire gold bars, you must buy through a reputable seller, private mint, or another official mint outside the United States.

What types of precious metals does the US Gold Bureau offer?

The US Gold Bureau offers a variety of precious metals, including gold and silver coins and bars.
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