Cornerstone Asset Metals Review

Cornerstone Asset Metals Review

Imagine a world where your investment portfolio is not only resilient against market fluctuations but also fosters sustainable growth in the long run. While this may seem like a dream, it’s a reality that many investors achieve through the strategic inclusion of precious metals in their portfolios. Cornerstone Asset Metals, a trusted precious metals service provider, is here to guide you on this journey towards financial stability and success.

Key Takeaways

  • Cornerstone Asset Metals provides an informed platform for investors to diversify their portfolios with precious metals investments, offering tailored advice and secure storage solutions.
  • Cornerstone is committed to trust and transparency in all aspects of business, providing market insights on liquidity as well as customer satisfaction through testimonials & reviews.
  • Investors are guided through a comprehensive process of securely purchasing and privately storing assets for optimal growth.

Exploring the Foundations of Cornerstone Asset Metals

Cornerstone Asset Metals, founded by Terry Sacka, is dedicated to helping investors diversify their portfolios with precious metals, focusing on the precious metals Jupiter connect. The company’s mission is to:
  • Promote sustainable investing among investors
  • Empower investors with knowledge and resources to understand the precious metals market
  • Help investors make wise investment decisions
Terry Sacka, an accredited asset management specialist, serves as the company’s Chief Strategist, guiding investors with his expertise in the precious metals industry.

The Mission and Vision

Cornerstone’s detailed vision aims to assist investors in diversifying their retirement portfolios by providing guidance on investing in physical assets such as:
  • gold
  • silver
  • platinum
  • palladium
This ensures that their investments are secured safely. They aim to empower individuals with comprehensive knowledge, creating a community of investors that are more aware of sustainable investing. They provide updated data and educate them on the benefits of investing in sustainable assets. Host Terry Sacka provides insights and expertise to further this mission. The company emphasizes the importance of precious metals in a diversified portfolio, with a focus on precious metals Jupiter. Cornerstone’s services encompass:
  • Offering a broad selection of precious metals products
  • Tailored investment strategies
  • Specialist advice to assist investors in navigating the market and attaining their financial objectives
  • Secured and independent depository options for storing precious metals, ensuring a secure investment experience.

Leadership and Expertise

Terry Sacka, the founder of Cornerstone Asset Metals, holds an A-Rating from the Better Business Bureau, indicating a low number of customer complaints and a commitment to resolving any issues that may arise. His expertise in the precious metals industry helps guide investors in creating a precious metals IRA, with the company providing a secure platform for customers to enter or exit the precious metals market, prioritizing financial security and offering options for customers to either take physical possession of their metals or store them in a secure and independent depository. Cornerstone’s leadership in the precious metals market is further demonstrated through Terry Sacka’s blog, which offers his insights and expertise on various topics, including market trends, price fluctuations, and investment strategies. This wealth of experience and knowledge allows Cornerstone Asset Metals to provide a comprehensive range of services for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals investments.

Media Presence and Educational Outreach

Media Presence Cornerstone Asset Metals has a strong media presence, including the podcast RIGGED, which imparts investors with necessary knowledge on the importance of precious metals. The Wealth Transfer News Radio Podcast aims to provide honest journalism and information not available elsewhere, assisting everyday men and women in making informed decisions regarding their investments. The Wealth Transfer News TV airs every Tuesday at 7 pm EST on World Harvest TV (WHTV). With host Terry Sacka and his insights, along with the company’s strong media presence, Cornerstone Asset Metals effectively educates and equips investors to safeguard and enhance their wealth through strategic investments in precious metals.

Navigating Precious Metals Investment with Cornerstone

Gold and silver bars in a secure vault Cornerstone Asset Metals’ expertise lies in aiding investors to allocate a segment of their portfolio into hard assets like gold and silver, offering a selection of bullion products that are approved for usage in IRAs. Their focus on sustainable investing and dedication to providing personalized guidance to investors ensures a smooth and secure process of creating a self-directed IRA for precious metals. Upholding their commitment to provide a safe platform for investors, Cornerstone offers a variety of storage options, like high-security vault storage or independent depositories, to guarantee the safety of precious metals investments. They also provide market insights and information on the liquidity of precious metals investments, empowering investors to make informed decisions in the market.

Creating a Precious Metals IRA

Cornerstone Asset Metals aids investors in the process of setting up a self-directed IRA for precious metals, which includes selecting a custodian and adding metals to the account. A self-directed IRA provides increased control over investments, allowing investors to select the custodian and determine the investments. This type of IRA permits investors to invest in various precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum. To add precious metals to an IRA account, investors must follow these steps:
  1. Consult with a Cornerstone Asset Metals Account Advisor to determine which metals to purchase.
  2. Sign an authorization form to provide the IRA custodian with the instructions.
  3. Transferring an existing IRA or having multiple IRAs is also possible, providing flexibility to investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals.

Securing Your Investment

Cornerstone guarantees the security of investments by collaborating with reliable custodians and storage facilities, allowing customers to either take physical possession of their metals or store them in a safe and independent depository. Their commitment to financial security is evident in the secure platform they provide for customers to enter or exit the precious metals market and in the storage options they offer, such as high-security vault storage. In addition to secure storage solutions, Cornerstone Asset Metals takes measures to guarantee the authenticity and value of precious metals for investment through rigorous inspections, advanced testing equipment, and collaboration with trusted third-party grading services. This ensures that investors can confidently invest in precious metals knowing their assets are both secure and genuine.

Liquidity and Market Insights

Cornerstone Asset Metals, a reputable precious metals company, ensures liquidity of its precious metals investments, including cornerstone asset metals gold, by offering investors the capacity to access their investments expeditiously and with minimal costs. The company provides market insights for investors interested in precious metals, with a focus on the investment potential of physical assets such as precious metals. Market insight is essential for improving the liquidity of precious metals investments, providing investors with important information about market dynamics, including the number of active buyers and sellers, transaction efficiency, and price stability. By staying informed about market trends and conditions, investors can make more informed decisions about buying or selling precious metals, which can increase liquidity in the market.

Precious Metals as a Strategic Asset

Diversified investment portfolio with precious metals Precious metals serve as a strategic asset, offering a hedge against inflation, diversification benefits, and a comparison between physical possession and paper assets. Investing in precious metals typically exhibits an inverse relationship to traditional stocks and bonds, allowing investors to protect their wealth during periods of economic uncertainty. An investment in precious metals offers several benefits:
  • Protects against the decline in purchasing power of the US dollar
  • Serves as a safe haven during times of political and economic upheaval
  • Gold and silver have a long-standing reputation as a store of value
  • They offer reliable assets for protecting against inflation and mitigating portfolio risk.

Hedge Against Inflation

Investments in precious metals like gold and silver offer protection against the devaluation of the US dollar, ensuring that your investments retain their value during inflationary periods. The historical relationship between inflation and the value of precious metals has shown that these assets often rise in value during times of high inflation, further contributing to their appreciation in value. Gold and silver are widely regarded as the most suitable precious metals for hedging against inflation, as their value tends to rise at or above the inflation rate, making them reliable assets for safeguarding wealth during inflationary periods. By investing in these precious metals, investors can ensure that their wealth is protected against the erosive effects of inflation and preserve their purchasing power over time.

Diversification Benefits

Diversifying with precious metals reduces portfolio risk and enhances long-term returns by spreading investments across different assets. Including a mix of metals such as gold, silver, and platinum in a portfolio can provide a number of advantages, such as market diversification opportunities, a more consistent and predictable investment experience, and help to mitigate investment risk. Each precious metal has its own unique market dynamics and demand and supply factors, allowing investors to gain exposure to different market dynamics and potentially reduce their overall portfolio risk. By investing in a variety of precious metals, investors can benefit from the low correlation with traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds, providing a hedge against market volatility and preserving capital.

Physical Possession vs. Paper Assets

The advantages and disadvantages of owning physical precious metals versus paper assets are worth considering when making investment decisions. Physical possession of precious metals, such as gold and silver, provides direct ownership of the metal and a tangible asset, while paper assets like ETFs and futures contracts represent shares or contracts and are more vulnerable to market manipulations. However, there are risks associated with both types of investments. Owning physical precious metals carries risks such as price volatility, limited liquidity, and the need for secure storage. Investing in paper assets, on the other hand, carries risks such as counterparty risk, volatility, and not having physical possession of the metal. It is essential for investors to weigh the pros and cons of each investment type before making a decision.

Customer Experiences with Cornerstone Asset Metals

Customer experiences with Cornerstone Asset Metals reflect the company’s dedication to trust, transparency, and client satisfaction. Various testimonials and reviews demonstrate the satisfaction of investors who have worked with the company, citing their expertise in assisting clients with hedging their assets against inflation and their emphasis on precious metals as a secure investment amid uncertain economic conditions. Cornerstone’s dedication to addressing customer concerns and negative feedback ensures that their services and offerings continually improve. By focusing on customer communication and promptly responding to inquiries or issues, Cornerstone Asset Metals showcases its commitment to providing a reliable and transparent experience for investors.

Testimonials and Reviews

Positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied investors highlight the benefits of working with Cornerstone Asset Metals. Customers often cite the following benefits of working with the company:
  • Expertise in helping them hedge their assets against inflation
  • Emphasis on precious metals as a secure investment during uncertain times
  • Dedication to providing exemplary customer service
While some grievances have been expressed regarding a lack of clarity and the company not being the optimal choice for gold investments, the majority of reviews indicate that customers have received the services they paid for. This demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and trust in their services.

Addressing Concerns

Cornerstone Asset Metals takes customer concerns seriously and strives to address any issues that may arise, ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. They provide personalized customer service and have a specialized support team available to assist customers and address their concerns. In response to customer feedback, Cornerstone Asset Metals has made efforts to enhance their offerings and services, such as maintaining a website with comprehensive details regarding their products and services, and offering top-notch retirement advisory services. This commitment to addressing concerns and improving their services demonstrates the company’s dedication to meeting the needs of their clients.

Trust and Transparency

Cornerstone Asset Metals prioritizes trust and transparency in all aspects of their business, ensuring that customers are apprised and defended throughout the investment process. They present a selection of services to guarantee that customers are informed and protected, such as secure storage solutions and market insights. The company’s commitment to transparency is evident in their secure platform for customers to enter or exit the precious metals market, as well as their storage options for physical metals. Cornerstone Asset Metals guarantees transparency in transactions by utilizing a process that consolidates all the components essential to accomplish a transaction on one platform, facilitating tracking and verifying the transaction details as everything is in one place.

Steps to Securely Purchase and Privately Store Precious Metals

Investor purchasing precious metals with guidance Cornerstone Asset Metals provides a comprehensive procedure for securely purchasing and privately storing precious metals, ensuring that investors can make wise decisions and safeguard their investments. Through their expertise and personalized guidance, investors can confidently navigate the precious metals market and safeguard their assets. The company provides assistance throughout the purchasing process, including selecting the right metals, completing transactions, and choosing secure storage solutions. By keeping investors informed and updated on market trends and developments, Cornerstone Asset Metals empowers them to make informed decisions and optimize their investments in the precious metals market.

Purchasing Process

Cornerstone Asset Metals leads investors through the purchasing process, guaranteeing a seamless and secure transaction. Investors can decide what they would like to buy and contact the company at (800)-558-4671 to make their purchase. Payment methods accepted include bank wire, check, and in some cases, cash or cashier’s check. To ensure a smooth and secure transaction, Cornerstone implements various measures such as secure payment methods, encrypted communication channels, and secure storage facilities for precious metals. This attention to detail and commitment to security allows investors to confidently purchase precious metals through Cornerstone Asset Metals.

Private Storage Solutions

Cornerstone Asset Metals provides private storage options for precious metals investments, offering peace of mind for investors. They provide options for customers to either take physical possession of their metals or store them in a secure and independent depository, ensuring that their investments are secured safely. Utilizing advanced security measures, such as video surveillance and allocated storage services for precious metals, Cornerstone ensures that investments are protected and secure. By offering private storage solutions and maintaining a commitment to trust and transparency, Cornerstone Asset Metals provides a comprehensive service for investors looking to secure their precious metals investments.

Staying Updated and Informed

Cornerstone Asset Metals employs multiple communication channels to keep investors apprised and current, such as:
  • Their website
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media platforms
  • Direct communication through phone calls or meetings.
By staying informed and updated on market trends and developments, investors can make more informed decisions about their precious metals investments, ensuring a secure and successful investment experience.


In conclusion, Cornerstone Asset Metals offers a comprehensive suite of services for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals investments. With their dedication to trust, transparency, and customer satisfaction, Cornerstone Asset Metals is a reliable partner for those seeking to safeguard their wealth and achieve long-term success in the precious metals market. Are you ready to take the next step in securing your financial future with precious metals?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much precious metals should be in your portfolio?

Financial experts recommend allocating between 5 and 20% of your portfolio into gold or other precious metals for diversification purposes.

Are precious metals a good investment?

Precious metals such as gold and palladium provide an effective hedge against inflation, have intrinsic value, no credit risk, high liquidity, can diversify a portfolio, and are easy to purchase. However, the value of precious metals investments may fluctuate, and the price you receive may be less than your original investment.

Why invest in precious metals?

Investing in precious metals like gold and palladium provides an effective hedge against inflation, intrinsic value, low credit risk, high liquidity, portfolio diversification, and easy purchase. These factors make investing in precious metals an attractive and wise choice for many investors.

What is the primary objective of Cornerstone Asset Metals?

Cornerstone Asset Metals’ primary objective is to help investors acquire precious metals and store them securely in vaults for safeguarding their savings.

How does Cornerstone Asset Metals ensure the security of investments?

Cornerstone Asset Metals offers a secure platform to enter or exit the precious metals market, prioritizes financial security, and allows customers to either take physical possession of their metals or store them in a secure depository.

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