Colonial Metals Review

Colonial Metals Group Review

Colonial Gold is one of the best and brightest companies in the gold and silver IRA space in 2023. It has more than a decade of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

This company is extra special because they go above and beyond to help their customers and advise them about the IRA creation and rollover process. They’ll do this whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio span into a precious metals IRA. Or, if you simply become interested in investing in gold or silver.

Colonial Gold realizes that investing your money into precious metals is a big deal and a huge responsibility. They are willing to go out of their way to help you every step of the way to establish trust in their ability to perform on your behalf.

Our team has researched this company quite thoroughly on your behalf. We learned all about them to help you make an informed choice regarding whether or not they are the top precious metals IRA company for you to work with. We’ve looked at this company under a microscope and compared it to some of the other top companies that offer incredible customer service. By the time you’re through, you’ll know whether or not Colonial Gold is the best company to help you achieve your financial goals, wants, and needs.

An Overview of Colonial Gold

Colonial Gold is a team of people filled with men and women who truly share the same conservative values as you. The name itself is synonymous with a strong reputation, which is the best explanation for why they are the perfect company to meet your goals and needs with precious metals for your retirement.

What is your overall goal for this investment strategy? Are you looking to use it as a way to add more diversification to your retirement assets? Or, would you like to directly invest in precious metals including gold and silver? Colonial Gold is a company that is always willing to go the extra mile to help its customers. They provide access to dedicated account specialists who will help you navigate this process and understand its intricacies from start to finish.

Management and the team working at Colonial Gold take tremendous pride in providing a top-level customer service experience to every one of their customers. They also go well beyond the scope of their traditional duty to their customers by providing a wide range of educational resources designed to help empower their customers. This information alone will make it easier than ever to make the best decisions regarding your precious metals investments.

Is there anything else that sets Colonial Gold apart? One of the biggest things that makes this company stand out in a crowded marketplace is the fact that they are backed by so many influential figures in the media. They have the full backing and trust of people like Ben Stein, Chuck Norris, Sean Hannity, and a plethora of others.

Besides the notable recognition from influential individuals, Colonial Gold has also received an A+ rating from the business rating agency the Better Business Bureau. The Business Consumer Alliance has also awarded them with a perfect AAA rating. These ratings are well-deserved and prove this company’s dedication to working at the highest standards possible. They always deliver customer satisfaction and high-quality products at every turn.

Services Offered by Colonial Gold

Colonial Gold is considered one of the leaders in the precious metals industry. They have been helping their customers grow their retirement while protecting their wealth for more than a decade. The specialists at Colonial Gold can set their customers up with precious metals IRAs or other retirement accounts with special tax advantages.

Even better, they sold gold and silver directly of their customers without having to open a precious metals IRA if you’d like to purchase them as a personal investment. The specialists are very knowledgeable on this topic and can help customers convert existing retirement accounts into precious metals IRA accounts or help their customers purchase their precious metals directly in the form of silver and gold.

This team is so knowledgeable and helpful that they provide a seamless, smooth experience from beginning to end, beginning with the initial consultation to the final purchase.

Visit the Colonial Gold website to request their Free Gold Kit.

Colonial Gold : A Thorough Look at Their Precious Metals Buying Process

doing business with Colonial Gold is the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy gold and silver outside of a precious metals IRA account. You do not have to convert your existing retirement account to a Gold IRA to buy gold and silver from this company. They have a wide-ranging inventory of many different products sourced from all over the world including Perth, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, to name a few.

They do not list the purchasing price of their precious metals on their website, nevertheless, they have created a clear guide to the overall purchasing process, which makes it very easy and convenient for the customer.

In fact, it’s as simple as following 3 convenient steps. They include the following:

  1. Sign the Agreement – to guarantee your purchase goes through, you must sign the contract and agree to all Colonial Gold business terms. The step is critical because it ensures that your investment is made on a strong foundation.
  2. Fill in Your Important Account Information – next, it’s time to fund your account and fill in the most important account information to get started. There are flexible ways to fund the account as well. You can do so by wiring the money directly from your bank or mailing them a check. It’s very easy for investors to pay for their purchases using these simple methods.
  3. Choose The Precious Metals You Intend to Purchase – after you have filled out all of the important account information and then funded your account, the next step is to find the best precious metals to meet your needs. Colonial Gold has a wide range of investment options available to choose from. You can find the best options on their inventory page. This is the perfect way to select the top coins, bars, and rounds to invest in. You can have your precious metal shipped to an independent depository as a gold IRA account holder, or if you plan to purchase directly, they will ship them directly to your home.

See how easy that is! Colonial Gold have gone above and beyond to simplify the buying process and really make this experience seamless. There are a wide variety of precious metals to choose from and their funding options are very flexible, which makes this company the perfect choice for investors looking to buy precious metals for their personal or retirement accounts.

IRA Fees When Doing Business with Colonial Gold

There is a minimum purchase amount required for investors to meet in order to buy gold or silver through Colonial Gold. The minimum amount that investors must meet is $20,000.

As far as custodian fees are concerned, they work with a preferred custodian that charges a flat-rate annual fee. You can choose one of the many depositories throughout the United States in places like Delaware, South Dakota, Dallas, Nevada, Idaho, and many others. This is a level of service that most precious metals companies are incapable of offering.

Colonial Gold: Understanding Customer Reviews and Their Unique Reputation in the Industry

Customers consistently praise and have many wonderful things to say about the services offered by Colonial Gold . Industry watchdog groups have also been very impressed by this organization. As mentioned earlier, the Better Business Bureau has confirmed this company’s commitment to ethical business practices and transparency by giving them a perfect A+ rating. The BBB does not hand out perfect ratings to anyone. Your company has to be committed to upholding the highest industry standards in order to achieve this level of excellence.

Some important things to note include:

  • Transaction Simplicity – the customers at Colonial Gold truly appreciate the ease and convenience of their transaction process, because it simplifies their life and makes it easy to invest. Past and current customers have said that the process is simple and straightforward. They are always commenting on the ease with which the company has made it when it comes to purchasing precious metals. And they’ve simplified this process for everyone, whether buying through a gold IRA or making a direct purchase.
  • Professional Staff – the team at Colonial Gold so highly respected and well-liked by their customers. They are praised tremendously because of their willingness to help in the professionalism that they exude during each transaction. The staff seems to provide nothing but help and support as well as guidance that customers definitely need and crave. They have so much expertise in this industry and customers know that they will receive reliable, prompt answers whenever they have a question or concern. It doesn’t matter if they need help opening a gold IRA or need simple information. The team will always come through in the end.
  • Dedicated Sales Specialists – if you intend to invest in a precious metals IRA through Colonial Gold, they provide dedicated experts in sales specialists that will help you throughout the entire process and guide you every step of the way. This is wonderful because it provides a personalized experience specifically tailored to meet retirement investment strategies that are fully in line with the goals of their customers.
  • Positive Feedback – the best thing about recommending Colonial Gold  is the consistent and positive feedback and reviews that this company receives. Customers are constantly talking about the friendly and exceptional customer service staff on hand. This team is knowledgeable and responsive and always meets customer needs by going above and beyond to help them along their investing journey. Colonial Gold is a company that is committed to delivering personal service. Their team of sales representatives works with their customers on a close, personal basis to create a tailored investment strategy to achieve their retirement goals. This company is transparent, honest, and communicates with its customers. The information they provide is always clear and it discusses the benefits, risks, and expenses that come along with investing in a precious metals IRA.

Finally, the outstanding reviews and personalized services make Colonial Gold a clear winner in the gold IRA industry. They focus on customer satisfaction, building trust, and creating long-term relationships with their happy customers. Their customers expect the highest-quality products and simple transactions, which is what they always receive whenever doing business with the knowledgeable staff at Colonial Gold.

Educational Resources Offered by Colonial Gold

Colonial Gold stands high up on the mountain in the precious metals IRA industry because their educational resources are phenomenal and they help empower investors to achieve the knowledge needed to complete their financial journey. The resources they provide are valuable tools that serve to keep their customers informed so they can make the right decisions for their portfolios.

Colonial Gold provides their customers with a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter takes a look at the past and informs customers about what they expect to happen in the economic world moving forward. They talk about history, share industry expert guidance, and so much more within this quarterly newsletter.

Dedicated Customer Support

Their dedicated customer support is something that truly distinguishes Colonial Gold when compared to the competition. In fact, they have a client services Department that reaches out to their customers every 45 days. The simple check-in shows that they care and gives the team the opportunity to help their customers with any questions or concerns that they might have. This level of personalized support is rarely offered in the investment industry.

Information-Packed Website

The Colonial Gold website is jam-packed with all of the best tools and information that an investor could ever need. They have a section on their website that covers current news and articles that delivers a wealth of knowledge to their customers for free. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced investor or a complete beginner, because these resources are very valuable and provide a wealth of information on a wide range of important investing topics. They help with retirement planning, gold IRA beginner’s guide investing, and provide detailed information about the Federal Reserve, the economy, and much more.

Newsletter Subscription

Colonial Gold even offers their customers access to a newsletter that consists of curated content that gets sent directly to your inbox. You can sign up to the newsletter and receive up-to-date info about the industry, insightful investment tips, and other valuable opportunities. This is a convenient, informative option that many people love making the most of.

Gold Investment Kit from Colonial Gold

Colonial Gold offers a Free Gold Investment Kit, that you can get by clicking here. This kit is jam-packed with educational resources that make it simple for investors to make informed choices and important investment decisions.

Colonial Gold has you covered whether you prefer reading articles on the web, speaking directly to a customer support team, or via newsletter content. They definitely have something for everyone.

Contact Details

Colonial Gold understands the importance of answering customer questions and concerns. You can reach out to them in the following ways:

  • Contact Form – Colonial Gold even provides their customers with a convenient contact form. This form can be found directly on their website, so visit it by clicking the link here. This contact form is a safe and efficient way to communicate with their customer support team.

Colonial Gold goes out of their way to meet their customer needs. You can contact them via phone, send a quick message via the contact form, or communicate with them through email. Choose your preferred method whenever you have to get a question answered to help put your mind at ease.

Final Thoughts

Colonial Gold is one of the top gold IRA and precious metals companies in the US, but they happen to be based in Florida. This company has a great reputation and it is well-deserved.

Their precious metals IRA services are second to none. They made the process so easy, so it’s a simple and hassle-free way for investors to get started in the gold IRA investing arena. It’s a simple three-step process to complete the application, fund the account, and buy precious metals.

This company is well-known for valuing fair pricing and transparency. Unlike other companies, their IRA service fee is a flat rate instead of a percentage rate, which is a great option for those looking to keep their fees and expenses low.

But most important of all, this reputable company stands out because of their fantastic reviews and generally satisfied customers. Contact Colonial Gold as soon as possible to begin your precious metals investing journey sooner rather than later.

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