Acre Gold Review

Acre Gold Review

Are you seeking a fresh perspective on gold investment? Acre Gold’s subscription service may be the answer you’ve been searching for. This innovative platform simplifies and democratizes the world of gold investing, making it more accessible to everyone. Let’s explore Acre Gold’s unique offerings and discover how they can help you diversify your investment portfolio with acre gold.

Key Takeaways

  • Acre Gold provides an accessible and affordable way to invest in physical gold on a monthly basis.
  • Evaluate the advantages & drawbacks of their subscription model, compare it with other investment options & assess customer satisfaction before investing.
  • Research, risk assessment & diversified long-term strategies are key to achieving a successful Acre Gold journey.

Understanding Acre Gold

Acre Gold, also known as acre digital gold, is a subscription-based service that aims to make gold investing accessible to all by offering customers an efficient and affordable means of accumulating physical gold through monthly payments. Acre Gold dismantles the barriers to entry, making the world of precious metals accessible for the everyday investor, while maintaining high-quality products.

Acre Gold’s Background

Founders Brendon McQueen and Jared Hines established Acre Gold in 2018 with a vision of providing an alternative to traditional gold investment strategies. Collaborating with fintech veterans, Acre Gold offers a unique approach to investing in gold through its online platform and subscription plans. Numerous investors attracted to the convenience and accessibility have been drawn to this updated approach in how the retail gold industry works, taking into account gold costs and deciding to purchase gold in the stock market.

Subscription Plans Overview

Acre Gold provides numerous subscription plans, including the acre gold subscription, with prices beginning from $50 per month, enabling customers to gradually accumulate gold bars. This subscription model enables investors to buy gold in manageable increments, catering to their investment goals and risk tolerance. A one-time $12 signup fee is applicable, with additional shipping and fulfillment fees for each gold bar shipment.

The Acre Gold Experience

Acre Gold online account for investment progress tracking The Acre Gold experience begins with:
  • Signing up for a subscription plan
  • Making monthly payments towards accumulating gold bars
  • Tracking investment progress
  • Managing subscriptions
  • Requesting gold shipments through a user-friendly online account
Customers maintain control of their investment journey.

Signing Up and Choosing a Plan

To join Acre Gold, simply access their website or download the mobile app and follow the straightforward registration process. Once signed up, customers can:
  • Choose from a range of subscription plans, starting at $50 per month
  • Build their gold portfolio gradually without hefty initial investments
  • Have an affordable and practical alternative to conventional gold investment methods

Monitoring Your Investment Progress

Acre Gold equips customers with an online account to manage their investment progress, subscriptions, and request gold shipments. Regular account checks enable investors to stay updated on their gold holdings and make strategic investment decisions.

Evaluating Acre Gold’s Subscription Model

Advantages and drawbacks of Acre Gold's subscription model While Acre Gold’s subscription model offers convenience and accessibility, potential investors should be aware of its advantages and drawbacks before committing. Grasping the details of the subscription model enables investors to decide if Acre Gold aligns with their investment needs.

Advantages of the Subscription Model

One of the primary advantages of Acre Gold’s subscription model is its convenience and accessibility. Investors can gradually accumulate gold over time through manageable monthly payments, making gold investment more affordable and approachable. The subscription model also offers a tangible asset with market value – physical gold, providing a sense of security amidst financial uncertainties.

Potential Drawbacks

Despite its advantages, there are potential drawbacks to Acre Gold’s subscription model. These include:
  • Fees associated with gold shipments
  • Limited liquidity
  • Value fluctuation
  • The risk of scams or fraudulent activity.
Before deciding to invest with Acre Gold, investors should balance these factors with the benefits of the subscription model.

Comparing Acre Gold to Other Gold Investment Options

Comparison of Acre Gold to other gold investment options When considering gold investment options, it’s important to compare Acre Gold’s subscription service to other alternatives, such as gold ETFs and physical gold coins and bullion. Each investment choice comes with its own distinct advantages and drawbacks. Understanding these differences allows investors to choose the best strategy to achieve their investment targets.

Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs offer a more liquid and easily tradable investment option compared to Acre Gold’s subscription service. These investment funds hold gold as their underlying asset and can be traded on the stock exchange, providing diversification and liquidity benefits. However, gold ETFs lack the tangible security and assurance of physical gold, making them a less attractive option for some investors.

Physical Gold Coins and Bullion

Physical gold coins and bullion provide a tangible investment, offering security and assurance in the form of a physical asset. However, they may require more upfront capital and storage solutions compared to Acre Gold’s subscription service. By understanding the differences between these investment options, investors can make an informed decision about which method best aligns with their investment goals and preferences.

Customer Satisfaction and Support

Acre Gold’s customer satisfaction and support are essential factors to consider before investing. Examining user testimonials and reviews, along with assessing the available customer service channels, can provide investors with insight into the quality of Acre Gold’s services and dedication to customer satisfaction.

User Testimonials and Reviews

User testimonials and reviews highlight the convenience and accessibility of Acre Gold’s subscription service, as well as its customer support. Positive feedback can be found on Acre Gold’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, while negative reviews and complaints have been reported and addressed on platforms such as the Better Business Bureau. In this Acre Gold review, we will focus on the overall experience of using their subscription service. Considering both positive and negative feedback is vital when assessing Acre Gold’s customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Channels

Acre Gold offers customer service through email and social media channels, with no phone or live chat options available. While these channels may provide adequate support for some customers, others may prefer more immediate and direct forms of communication. Potential investors should take into account their own preferences and needs when evaluating Acre Gold’s customer service options.

Security and Legitimacy

Before committing to any investment, assessing Acre Gold’s security and legitimacy is pivotal. Potential investors can understand the company’s trustworthiness and the safety of their investment better by examining gold purity, authentication, and Better Business Bureau ratings.

Gold Purity and Authentication

Acre Gold claims to offer 99.9% pure acre gold bars, including physical gold bar options, with tamper-evident packaging and authentication cards to verify their authenticity. This commitment to quality and security should provide peace of mind to investors, as it demonstrates the company’s dedication to delivering a high-quality product and protecting their customers’ investments.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Acre Gold has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, with 50 complaints reported and addressed. This rating can provide insight into how likely the company is to address and resolve customer grievances. However, it does not necessarily reflect the overall quality or performance of the company, so it’s important to consider a variety of factors when evaluating Acre Gold’s security and legitimacy.

Tips for a Successful Acre Gold Investment Journey

Tips for a successful Acre Gold investment journey Investors should carry out comprehensive research, assess risks, and uphold a diversified, long-term investment strategy to ensure a successful Acre Gold investment journey. Investors can maximize their returns and minimize potential risks by adopting a proactive approach to their investment and understanding the various factors that can influence their success.

Research and Risk Assessment

Conducting thorough research and risk assessment before investing in Acre Gold is essential for making informed decisions and mitigating potential risks. By understanding the company’s background, business model, and customer reviews, as well as evaluating the potential risks associated with gold investment, investors can better prepare themselves for a successful investment journey with Acre Gold.

Diversification and Long-Term Strategy

Adopting a diversified and long-term investment strategy can help maximize returns and minimize risks associated with gold investments. By allocating a portion of their portfolio to gold through Acre Gold’s subscription service, investors can benefit from the potential growth and stability of gold over time, while also diversifying their investment portfolio to protect against economic downturns and currency fluctuations.


In conclusion, Acre Gold’s subscription service offers a unique and accessible approach to gold investment, providing customers with a convenient way to accumulate physical gold over time. By considering the advantages and drawbacks of the subscription model, comparing it to other gold investment options, and evaluating the company’s security and legitimacy, investors can make informed decisions about whether Acre Gold is the right fit for their investment needs. With thorough research and a diversified, long-term strategy, investors can embark on a successful and rewarding gold investment journey with Acre Gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Acre Gold?

OneGold, a joint venture between APMEX and Sprott, owns Acre Gold.

Can I buy $100 in gold?

You can buy small-sized gold bars from leading mints like Pamp Suisse or Perth Mint, which are 1 gram or less and cost US$100 or less.

How much is 2.5 grams of gold worth?

At today’s gold spot price, 2.5 grams of gold is worth approximately $161.49.

Can I buy gold monthly?

Yes, you can buy gold monthly with Acre Gold’s monthly subscription options. They provide helpful support for the payments process.

How pure is acre gold?

Acre Gold bars are made with 99.9% Gold purity and come in sizes of 2.5, 5, or 10 grams. All gold is designed and minted in California and Switzerland to ensure the highest quality.
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