Top 10 Silver Coins of The World

Silver Coins of The WorldSilver coins of the world are sought after as investments as well as collectibles. There are thousands of bullion and numismatic coins minted throughout the world, and most collectible lists are opinions of collectors. Collectible silver coins can be listed in any order, but they all represent an investment in history, silver, and enjoyment.

The following list shows most popular and interesting silver coins of the world by country:

United States: American Silver Eagle is the National silver bullion coin of the United States and one of the popular coins to add to a collection or a portfolio. These US coins are minted from 99.9% pure silver and represent Walking Liberty design on the obverse and Heraldic American Eagle image on the back. Originally issued in 1986, American Silver Eagle is among the most popular silver coins of the world.

Canada: Silver coins of the world list would not be complete without the Silver Maple leaf from Canada. This is among most popular Canadian coins to own containing .9999 silver and is currently the purest existing bullion coin and one of the best silver coin investments in the world. Featuring the National symbol of Canada, Canadian Maple Leaf, on the back and the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, these coins are proudly struck at the Royal Canadian mint.

Great Britain: World silver crowns are large coins issued primarily by the former British Empire countries. Look for silver coins minted before 1970 that contain at least 85% silver. Watch for a rise in both the silver and the coin value. Silver coins of the world include British silver coins or Britannia coins which are bullion coins issued from the Royal Mint. British coins are minted in silver fines of 95.8% Britannia silver.

China: Silver panda coins from the People’s Republic of China are silver coins of the world with panda motif changed yearly. They come in six sizes ranging from 1/4 troy ounces to 1 kilogram. This is the most sizes than any other bullion or collectible coins of any single kind. There are no mint markings, but instead differentials in the design and size are used to designate the place of minting.

Australia: Australian silver coins feature the silver Kookaburra coin originally minted in 1990 with a designation of .999 fine silver and a face value of $1A. The reverse side features Kookaburras, native to Australia, that change annually to keep collectors’ interest alive. The obverse side proudly wears an image of Queen Elizabeth II and this makes this coin double collectible.

Austria: The Austrian Philharmonic silver coin is considered legal tender in Austria and is a .999 fine silver bullion coin. Although this is not as popular as other silver coins, this coin did outsell the Krugerrands and American Eagles at the height of the financial crisis in Europe.

South Africa: Our silver coins of the world listing would not be complete without mentioning the popular South African Commemorative Silver Krugerrands. This coins is available in 1 silver troy ounce size. This quality coin is minted from 99.9 pure silver and features the image of Stefans Johannes Kruger on the obverse side and the national symbol of the country, springbok, on the back.

Mexico: Mexican Silver Libertads are fun to collect and invest into since these coins are struck from high quality 99.9 pure silver and are equally popular among investors or collectors. Low premiums add to the allure of owning these silver bullion coins. The front of the coin wear an image of Winged Liberty with the back embellished with a series of Mexican coats of arms throughout the years.

New Zealand: The journey along the silver coins of the world collections continues with another incredible choice, Silver New Zealand 1 oz Fiji Taku. Crafted from .999 silver purity, it combines low coin dealer costs with unsurpassed quality and design. The coins wear images of critically endangered Fiji Takus to raise awareness about preservation of these ocean creatures.

Somalia: The last but not least on the list of silver coins of the world, we present 1 oz Silver Somalian African Elephants. These gorgeous coins are minted from 99.9% silver and are embellished by images of African Elephants and the Somalia Coat of arms.