Top 5 Canadian Gold Bullion Dealers

Canadian Gold Bullion DealersInvestors in Canada just like in the US or anywhere else in the world are looking for a great way to diversify some of their investment portfolio and acquire gold and silver bullion products. The first question that comes to mind is where you can find trustworthy Canadian gold bullion dealers. The easiest and most convenient way is to search online. There are quite a few of reliable Canadian gold bullion dealers with solid reputation who will not only deliver bullion products right to your door but will also help you with your investment dilemmas whether you should buy American or Canadian gold bullion or perhaps even some International gold coins depending on your investment goals.

Choose from the list below for reputable gold bullion dealers in Canada:

1. Royal Canadian Mint is the absolute gold market leader in Canada that mints Canada’s famous Gold Maple Leaf coins and a wide assortment of other gold and silver bullion products. Royal Canadian Mint is very well regarded all over the world as being one of the symbols of Canada’s gold bullion industry. RCM does not deal with general public but only with a network of gold bullion dealers and foreign exchange banks. Check their website for the recommended Canadian gold bullion dealers.

2. Kitco is one of the most recognized Canadian gold bullion dealers in the world that deals with gold customers in Canada, USA and virtually anywhere in the world. Kitco is one of the few gold dealers offering retail gold bullion purchases for wholesale pricing. Buying gold and silver bullion is easy with Kitco, all you need is to open an account with them. Professional gold bullion investors are there to guide you along the way through a bullion selection maze to create a well diversified precious metals portfolio. Besides buying and selling bullion, Kitco offers other fantastic services like IRA rollovers, allocated gold storage programs and Gold Money program.

3. ScotiaBank is Canada’s most recognized bank with 300 year old history that specializes in precious metal bullion investments. Entrust your bullion portfolio to highly knowledgeable investment specialists at Scotia Mocatta bank division who will help you decide which bullion coins, bars or other investment mechanisms are appropriate for you to reach your investment goals.

4. Suisse Gold Corp ( is one of the well known Canadian gold bullion dealers that many gold investors choose for the lowest price guaranteed. If you shop around and find any gold bullion coin for a lower price anywhere on the internet, SGC will beat it regardless of the price. SGC offers a wide range of gold and silver coins of bullion and numismatic qualities and also some gold and silver bars of well known manufacturers.

5. Border Gold Corporation is a well recognized leader in the Canadian precious market since 1994. Border Gold Corporation is there to sell and buy gold and silver bullion products whether you are acquiring new physical gold assets or are exiting the market looking for other venues of investments. The Company is one of the largest distributors of Canadian Maple Leaf coins minted at the Royal Canadian Mint.