Top 10 Gold Mutual Funds

Essentially, investors in gold market have 3 choices when it comes to selecting a specific mechanism, namely, invest in physical bullion, mining stocks or funds that are managed by professionals whose are responsible for conducting all necessary fund transactions and virtually deciding whether the fund should purchase bullion, mining companies’ shares or both. Finding the best fund is your key to successful precious metals investing providing diversification, risk management and hedge against inflation.

Let’s take a look at top 10 funds who have proven to be successful players on the market.

1. SPDR Gold Shares (GLD)

With a five star rating and excellent history it is no wonder that GLD is listed as one of the best gold ETF choices available for investors.

2. USAA Precious Metals (USAGX)

Trading since 1984 and with no load fees charged, USAGX is based in the USA and makes the top ten list for best gold investment funds.

3. Tocqueville Gold (TGLDX)

With a nine percent turnover and possible gold options and gold futures holdings at times, Tocqueville Gold is one of the top gold mutual funds for investors interested in this sector.

4. Oppenheimer Gold And Special Minerals A (OPGSX)

This is one of the top rated gold mutual funds, and it is a very popular choice for many investors. Capital appreciation is the goal of the fund, and it has a solid history.

5. Van Eck International Investor Gold A (INIVX)

The Van Eck International Investor Gold A is one of the top gold mutual funds according to investors. You should know that there is a front load fee of five point seven five percent with this fund though.

6. AIM Gold And Precious Metals Investor (FGLDX)

The FGLDX fund views gold as investment potential and has been ranked one of the top mutual funds in this sector.

7. American Century Global Gold Investor (BGEIX)

BGEIX is one of the top gold mutual funds, in part because of the excellent return offered over the last year, which was more than sixty percent.

8. Franklin Gold And Precious Metals A (FKRCX)

FKRCX is one of the gold mutual funds that charges a front load, but many investors feel the one year return of more than seventy four percent is well worth the load fee charged.

9. DWS Gold And Precious Metals A (SGDAX)

This is one of the funds listed as a top ten because of past performance. It has been trading since 2001 and is now managed by Pierre Martin.

10. OCM Gold (OCMGX)

OCMGX has more than one hundred and forty million in assets, and offers a recent return of more than sixty five percent. Even though this fund does not invest in physical bullion it is still a top ten pick for most investors.