Top 10 Gold Mines for Sale in Alaska, Arizona and California

If you are encouraged by gold prices that are currently on the rise and you would like to join a gold mining community, our article will list Top 10 gold mines for sale in the most gold rich areas of the US, Alaska, Arizona and California. The advantages of buying already established gold mining companies are obvious – most of them are located in already known gold-rich areas and are usually sold with all the necessary gold mining equipment. This saves you time of establishing a company and lets you start digging for gold right away.

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Gold Mines For Sale

1. Brooke Range Gold Operation in Wild Lake/Lake Creek, Alaska. This gold mining operation is situated at the Wild Lake near Bettles, Alaska. The 9,500 acres gold mining camp has everything you need for successful gold exploration – full line of equipment, lodging and necessary facilities. This placer gold rich area is known for finding wire, rough and white gold deposits.

2. Prospect Creek Gold Mine, Fairbank, Alaska. This one of Alaska’s gold mines for sale is located on a 600 acres lot in a rugged Fairbank area of Alaska. The mine is accessible by car or plane. There has not been any active gold mining since the 1980’s which presents great gold prospecting opportunities especially with gold dredging equipment.

3. Dome Creek Gold Mine, Fairbank, Alaska. This 400 acres gold mine is situated in the close proximity to historical mining village of Olnes. This particular area is well explored and comes with a few working shafts.

4. Amanita Gold Mine is one of Alaska’s gold mines for sale located in the Fairbank region. This hard rock 3,500 acres lot is yearly producing around 350,000 ounces of pure gold. The property is accessed year round by a trail road. The sale of the property is competed with a professional geological survey suggesting future gold mining prospects.

5. Eldorado Gold Mine, Arizona. This gold mine for sale is conveniently located right on the border of Arizona/ Nevada states in the midst of Lake Mead National Recreation area. This pristine 20 acre parcel of land can be used not only for gold mining, but for camping or even offered for tourist viewing. Eldorado Gold Mine is one of the well known historical gold mines for sale in the Arizona area established in 1918.

6. Arizona Yuma Gold Mine. This 400 acre mining site is full of mysterious stories that go deep into the history of the Wild West Exploration. This site is believed to contain a series of secret Spanish and Indian gold mining shafts for you to explore in addition to already established and working mining sites. Here, you can profit not only from finding gold but from selling gravel extracted from the riverbed material. It’s a win-win gold mine.

7. The Helms Deep Placer is a 110 acre mining reserve situated in Sierra County in California. The area is a well documented place to produce not only gold but silver, platinum and silica.

8. Historic Ruby Mine in California is a superb 1750 acres lot that is known for exploration of placer and lode types of gold deposits. The property is to be sold with all adjacent facilities, mining equipment and well-paved roads. California Ruby Mine’s largest coarse gold stone found at the lot was weighed at 201 ounces of pure gold.

9. The Anvil Creek Mine in Alaska is a perfect gold mine for sale that could also double as hunting/fishing lodge or Bed Breakfast type hotel among Alaskan wilderness. This particular lot is situated in a remote area located 2 miles from Ophir airstrip in Alaska. Anvil Creek is the ultimate placer gold development with 21 gold mining claims of 580 acres in total.

10. Walker Fork Gold Mine located in the well-known Fourtymile gold-bearing area is a historical property of Alaska. The mine for sale includes a total of 43 gold claims. The Walker Fork Gold Mine has been owned by one family for over 40 years that actively employed gold dredging technology. The mine is easily accessed by gravel road and an airstrip.

The gold mines for sale list is not limited by Alaska, Arizona and California properties, the State of Nevada has been historically known to be the top gold producing state in the US. Check out multiple Nevada gold mines for sale before making your purchase decision.

In case you can not afford buying an actual gold mine but would like to still profit from gold prospecting, our article on gold mining stocks will help you pick the right companies to invest into.

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