Top 10 Gold Coin Dealers In USA

Gold Coin Dealers

These top 10 gold coin dealers in USA have received extensive customer recognition for providing overall excellent gold bullion trading services, keeping great bullion and numismatics inventory in stock and offering only the best competitive prices with low premium ratios.

1. (California Numismatic Investments) is among leading gold coin dealers in USA offering a wide inventory of not only gold bullion coins but also silver and platinum investment products and numismatics. California Numismatic Investments Company has been one of America’s favorite gold dealers providing insightful information, live quotes, unbiased financial advice and personable approach. Having been in the business since 1956, they take pride in their non-commission associates who are striving to provide only the best transparent buy or sell operations. has been quoted on various CNN, CNBS and PBS shows.

2. APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange) has been in the business since 2000 and is currently one of the leading gold coin dealers in USA. APMEX has received A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau in 2004 and ever since then has been providing its customers with unparallel gold, silver and platinum investing services. Besides offering extremely competitive price ranges for a variety of gold bullion products and numismatics APMEX has introduced several innovative approaches to elevate customer satisfaction to the next level including their Mint Direct program. This program entails direct shipping from the Mints to ensure 100% authentic product to land in your portfolio of collection.

3. is one of the newest gold coin dealers in USA having been in the business since 2001 but has earned great customer reviews and A accreditation by BBB. They offer a wide array of gold investment products including physical gold coins, bars and also gold IRA programs allowing you to automate investment in gold. offers some of the lowest prices across all gold bullion coins and some of the lowest premium charges on the market. Their shipping is also always free including insurance which is a great way to save even more money on your investments.

4. Provident Metals is a Texas based gold dealer that has been providing precious metals bullion trading since 2008 with A+ BBB rating. Their low pricing and fair shipping quotes combined with a large selection of gold and silver coins and bars have earned them a lot of loyal customers. Provident Metals offer discounted pricing quotes for bulk gold and silver purchases. They also offer various Gold IRA programs through major trusts like GoldStar Trust, American Estate & Trust and others.

5. Gainesville Coins is one of the veteran gold coin dealers in USA that cater to both gold investors and collectors alike. Their A+ BBB accreditation is well deserved by always striving to offer the lowest pricing, competitive premiums and only the lowest shipping charges. Gainesville coins are trusted dealers and distributors of such bullion brand products like Perth Mint, Great Britain’s Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, US Mint and many others. Their large volume operations allow them to pass on the savings to all the customers.

6. Bullion Vault is one of the industry’s top performers of alternative gold investing products. With Bullion Vault customers do not take direct possession of physical coins or bars, instead bullion gets stored either in the New York, NY or London, GB secure vaults. According to some experts you are avoiding paying exorbitant dealer premiums and worrying about the safety of your portfolio by not taking direct possession of the gold bars or coins. This way customers can focus on building a secure and cost effective portfolio which is stored in a safe off site location.

7. is another one of reputable gold coin dealers in USA boasting their huge client database and awesome customer reviews. Founded by one of the gold and silver investment gurus Mike Maloney in Santa Monica, CA in 2005, offers competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion jewelry and even emergency survival foods. This company stands out among other gold coin dealers in USA by providing incredible educational tools, unparallel expertise and guidance as to cyclical nature of the bullion market.

8. Certified Gold Exchange has been providing its customers with great no nonsense customer service which has earned it A+ BBB certification and 0 complaints status. Their signature PriceMatchPlus guarantee assures customers that they are paying the absolutely lowest price they can find on the market on a given day. Whether you are interesting in buying 100% bullion, proof or certified coins or IRA gold investment, Certified Gold Exchange is there to guide you along the way.

9. USAGOLD is one of the ultimate gold and silver coin dealers with a long track record and unblemished reputation that has deserved it A+ rating from BBB and 0 complains status. USAGOLD is indeed the oldest and most trusted among gold coin dealers in USA having been in the business since 1973. Not only will you find some of the most popular bullion products on the market for competitive pricing, you will be able to tap into the extensive educational sources available on their website. Live gold price quotes enable customers to pay only the lowest prices online.

10. Blanchard & Company is a among highly reputable gold bullion dealers specializing in pre-1933 coins and other silver and gold numismatics. They also offer gold bullion products but their main target is numismatic coins for investment. Blanchard guarantees 100% buyback of any coins purchased from them.