New York Mint Gold Coins – Where To Find Them?

New York Mint Gold CoinsToday United States Mint operates six facilities, including Headquarters facility in Washington, D.C., Bullion Depository in Fort Knox, KY; and four others in West Point, NY, Philadelphia, PA, San Francisco, CA and Denver, CO are coin producing facilities.

New York Mint facility for the US Government Mint was originally established in 1937 as a mere silver bullion depository for storing bullion products minted at other US Mint’s locations. However, starting from 1973 the US Mint facility in West Point, NY started minting cent coins and later gold memorable medallions. Today, almost a century later West Point, New York mint gold coins and other bullion products make up a considerable ratio among overall gold and silver bullion products minted at all of the US Mint facilities.

The year of 1988 became a turning point in the history of the US Mint at West Point, NY when the facility was officially given a status of official coin making “US Mint”. While West Point facility is still partially used for storage of silver and gold bullion coins, it is also a manufacturer of a number of popular gold bullion products like American Eagle in silver, gold and platinum and Gold/ Platinum bi-metallic coins.

New York Mint gold coins carry a characteristic W mint mark positioned inconspicuously but still detectable close to the mintage year. The very first gold coin that appeared at the New York Mint was $10 Gold commemorative coin for the 1984 Olympic Games hosted in Los Angeles. In 1986 West Point Mint started producing iconic American Gold Eagles bullion coins. Years later more and more gold bullion and commemorative coins were added to the productions lines including 24 karat gold American Buffalo bullion coin in 2006.

If you are interested to visit New York Mint in New Point and learn how American gold bullion products are minted, you are out of luck – the security is rather tight there and no public tours are offered. However, many reputable gold coin dealers sell coins minted at the West Point, NY facility such as Gold Line, Gold Price, APMEX Gold and many others. Shopping only with reputable gold dealers with ensure impeccable quality of purchased New York mint gold coins.

If you are searching for gold coins minted at the US Mint facility in the State of NY in West Point, your keyword search for New York Mint gold coins might unexpectedly return a highly controversial gold retailer with a very similar name “New York Mint”. “New York Mint” gold retailer should not be confused with the official US Government Mint facility located in West Point, NY. According to multiple customer reviews “New York Mint” gold retailer with physical location in MN has plenty of unsatisfied customers who claim that the company uses unethical business practices and simply overcharges for a lot of bullion and numismatic gold coins due to various “specialty” claims. New York Mint gold coins recent scams that are being widely advertised through a number of radio channel commercials stating that they are selling Silver Eagle coins that were supposedly recovered from the Twin Tower vaults. A lot of gold investors and numismatists alike view this as absolutely unacceptable to create gold coins NYC hype based on grief and sufferings of thousands of families whose relatives were killed during America’s worst terrorist attack on Sept 11th, 2001.