Mexican Gold Centenario – 5 Reasons Why You May Buy This Bullion Coin!

Mexican Gold Centenario ValueGold Centenario is the official bullion coin of Mexico that was first struck in 1921 to celebrate 100 years of Mexican Independence from Spain. These beautiful coins are struck with 90% gold and 10% copper alloy to make them super scratch resistant to preserve their appearance for years to come. The obverse features an image of “Angel of Independence” and the reverse side portrays the Mexican Coats of Arms symbol, the Eagle and the serpent. There are plenty of reasons for you to choose these coins.

1. Lower Cost Than The American Gold Eagle

The Mexican gold Centenario coin, also known as the 50 peso coin, will generally cost less than an equivalent weight in an American Gold Eagle coin, or one from Canada or Australia. Gold Mexican coins will normally have lower markups than other bullion investments, and this can help you get more value from your investment capital. Be advised, however, that coins of certain mintage years could carry higher premiums due to rarity factor that needs to be taken into account.

2. The Heaviest Gold Weight In This Type Of Bullion Coin

If you want an excellent gold investment, the Mexican gold Centenario is a heavyweight. These coins contain twenty percent more gold than the usual one ounce coins do, at one point two ounces of gold contained in each 50 peso coin. Mexican gold bullion has the same quality as this bullion from other countries, and the heavier coins are very popular with investors from around the world.

3. Available Only In A Limited Supply

Because these coins were only minted during a two and a half decade period, the Mexican gold Centenario coins are available in limited supplies. These Mexican gold pesos can range from common to rare, depending on the year minted and the condition of the coin purchased.

4. Historical and Bullion Value Combined

A big reason why you may want to invest in Mexican gold Centenario coins is because these choices combine the value of the metal with the historical value. Some of these can be rare gold coins, with a substantial historical value, while others have a bullion value that is greater and less value from history.

5. A Very Attractive Gold Coin For Collectors And Investors

Many collectors of commemorative and proof coins choose the fifty peso coin simply because of the beauty and appeal offered. For bullion investors, the Mexican gold Centenario offers beauty and a terrific investment value at the same time, giving you a coin you will be proud to invest in and display.