Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion vs. American Eagle Gold Bullion

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold BullionLet’s take a look at the differences of the Canadian and American National gold bullion coins that can affect investors’ or collectors’ decision. Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion can be a fantastic investment for many, but so can American Eagle gold bullion. How can you decide which coin is a better investment for your purposes and investing goals? Both of these coins offer many benefits, but one may be preferred by Canadian citizens while the other may be more beneficial for American citizens. Both of these coins are legal tender in the country where they are minted so neither has an advantage over the other with this factor.

Comparing the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion

Sizes: If you are buying gold bullion, deciding between the different coins may be difficult at times. Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion can be found five different sizes ranging from 1/20 oz to 1 oz, so you do not need to have as much investment capital to start buying gold with this option. You can start out small, and build up your investment slowly if your budget will not allow larger purchases all at once. American Gold Eagles are struck in 4 sizes ranging from 1/10 oz to a standard 1 oz of 22 karat gold.

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion
Pictured: Canadian Maple Leaf

Purity: Another factor to think about is the purity of these coins. Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion has a higher purity than its American counterpart. The Canadian coin is struck from the purest form of yellow precious metal 24 karat, which makes it as pure as you can possibly get. The American Eagle coin is 22 karat and only reaches point nine one seven purity. That makes the Canadian bullion more prone to scratching which might not be so beneficial for some investors or collectors. Care should be taken to handle them with gloved hands to prolong their original condition.

American Gold Eagle Coin
Pictured: The American Gold Eagle Coin.

Premium: The American Eagle cost is slightly more than gold Maple Leaf price, so this factor will not play a big part in your decision. However, the price difference is there and is mostly a result of higher dealer premium charges for American Eagle coins. As of October 2012, 1 oz American Eagle coins carried a premium of $74.99 over the spot price of metal and Canadian Maple Leaf had a premium of only $44.99 over the price of gold, but that may be higher with the fractional size coins. Canadian Maple Leaf coins are preferred by many investors because they do offer a few advantages over the American gold bullion variety, especially lower investment costs.