Best Gold Bullion Los Angeles Dealers

Gold Bullion Los Angeles DealersTraditionally gold has been the strength behind the paper dollar. With the worldwide recession and the devaluation of paper currencies, gold and precious metals are now becoming one of the preferred investment methods. Whether you hold gold in physical form or in gold certificates, you need to make sure you are using dealers that are knowledgeable about gold bullion Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Gold Bullion Dealers

There are two companies I recommend above all others in the greater Los Angeles area.  You can contact both of them online through the links below.

#1:  Goldco – Best for IRA Investing


#2:  American Hartford Gold – Best for Direct Bullion Purchases

american hartford gold group

– American Bullion provides expert knowledge in gold bullion and is experienced in conversions of IRA or 401Ks into gold. Purchase gold bullion from American Bullion and your holdings will be delivered to a secure location with the utmost security precautions.

– Gold bullion Los Angeles also includes using a smelting company like Pegasus Metals, LLC to melt your gold jewelry into smaller and more sellable elements. This company offers low assay fees and states that it provides higher returns because of accurate analysis and sampling techniques.

– American Gold Exchange offers gold coins Los Angeles from around the world. They specialize in pre-164 silver dollars as well as Kennedy Halves, quarters and dime. This company will give you the best current price and all items are researched and tested for accuracy and value.

California Numismatic Investments bears the reputation of being one of the best gold bullion dealers in California. CNI is one of America’s largest dealers and also works with PCGS certified rare coins. They have the perfect election for your precious metals investments and are recognized as the place to buy and sell gold bullion Los Angeles.

– Calgary Coin & Bullion Exchange provides advice to investors in both gold and silver. They offer services that educate as well as provide research into the best bold bullion in Los Angeles. In addition, Calgary Coin partners with Sterling Trust and BarChart as well as the Wall Street Journal to find the best prices in gold coinage.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and want to invest in gold, you do need to find an honest dealer who has knowledge and experience with buying and selling precious metals. You can also find gold coins San Diego area (just a few hours’ drive from LA) who know the market that is exploding in both the Southwest United States as well as Mexico. Many gold coin dealers in San Diego will test your coins on the spot and give you an offer within minutes. These dealers do claim to give much better offerings than in the Los Angeles market.