Wholesale Silver Bullion Rounds – New Hot Pick on Bullion Market!

Wholesale Silver Bullion Rounds

Have you considered buying popular quality silver bullion products but were discouraged with high seller premiums eating into your investment value in case of popular American Eagle silver bullion coin? Wholesale silver bullion rounds might just be the answer to your question on how to find affordable silver bullion coins without hefty seller premiums. If you need more reasons to invest in this particular type of coins, the price of silver, according to many precious market analysts, has a huge potential to sky rocket in the near future presenting a great investing opportunity.

Silver rounds are referred to round coins that are mostly purchased for their high precious metal content and excellent investment potential. These come in variety of sizes ranging from one ounce to a gigantic one kilo Australian Kookaburra round. However, traditionally investors lean towards standard one ounce wholesale silver bullion rounds that are easy and convenient to store, carry and transport when necessary.

In the light of the market price of gold going through the roof in the recent year, a lot of savvy investors turned their attention to a very cost conscious way of investing into silver, a precious metal that has appreciated in value by whopping 24% within the last couple of years. That’s almost 6% higher than gold has gone up, while the stock market has seen a miniscule 2% increase. That explains why wholesale silver bullion rounds are an absolute no brainer choice when it comes to inexpensive investment into pure silver content. Additionally, if you shop around and buy wholesale, you might qualify for free shipping and extra savings if you order large enough quantities.

Among a multitude of International wholesale silver bullion rounds, some rounds stand out due to their exceptional beauty and design features like Incuse Indian design round, Saint Gaudens, Australian Kookaburra and many more.

If you are wondering where to buy bullion rounds in bulk, scroll over to read our article on Top 10 online places to find wholesale bullion bars. Most of these online stores carry a wide selection of such products at competitive prices.