Wholesale Gold Bullion Bars – Where To Find Them?

Purchasing gold as investment is your best shield against inflation, buying it at wholesale prices lets you maximize your gold investment portfolio and save on unnecessary mark ups. If you are looking for wholesale gold bullion dealers, the best place to find them is online. However, be advised that in order to qualify to purchase wholesale gold bullion bars your order must meet certain criteria that might be specific to each separate wholesale dealer. Most wholesale gold bullion bars orders need to comprise a substantial quantity or to include gold bullion bars of larger sizes.

You can not buy wholesale gold bullion bars from any gold bullion sellers online if they don’t specialize in specifically wholesale pricing. The best places to look for wholesale gold bullion bars are Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint and PAMP Suisse. These places carry larger size gold bullion bars ranging from 10 oz to 1000 oz that can qualify for a wholesale purchase.

According to many gold bullion bars enthusiasts, it does not really pay to buy wholesale gold bars from EBay or any other Internet auction sites because you are unlikely to get enough discounts due to high seller fees, Pay Pal and substantial shipping charges. To avoid these substantial costs and allow its customers to buy gold bullion bars at lower prices many gold bullion dealers prefer bank money transfers as a safe and cost effective way for this type of business transactions. This gives you and your wholesale dealer a piece of mind.

In order to purchase wholesale gold bullion bars you need to call an online wholesale gold bullion site to place an order and lock in your price, and later arrange for a bank transfer. Most wholesale dealers impose the following purchasing limits: 50 oz of gold or platinum and a minimum of 1000 oz of silver bars.

The last piece of advice is to only deal with reputable online gold bullion wholesalers that have had a long history of honest business transactions with individual and corporate investors.