Where Are Public Gold Mining in Arizona?

Gold Mining in ArizonaRecreational and prospecting clubs focus on public gold mining in Arizona and these clubs guarantee a return on your dues with gold discoveries. Addition recreation activities include prospecting and mining events on common digs, panning, and dredging, sluicing and dry washing for gold. Through prospecting clubs or by joining a gold buying group you can find gold mining claims for sale and most of these gold claims include registered properties at Rich Hill. Rich Hill is the site of an 1863 gold strike where gold mining in Arizona began with the finding of potato size nuggets.

Public gold mining in Arizona also includes digging for gold at the Ajax mine which is one of the many gold mines for sale in Arizona. The Ajax mine was worked by the Spaniards in the early 1700s and geologists claim that there are still many targets for mining high grade gold. As a side note, there are also high grade some silver deposits in this area. This mine is a perfect investment for a small to medium sized mining concern that has venture funds for exploring and developing.

Just like gold mines in Utah, Arizona’s northern neighbor who shares dry dusty steam beds with this state, many gold mines were closed in 1942 or the beginning of WWII by President Roosevelt. One of the most productive gold mines in Arizona, The Vulture Gold Mine produced gold worth almost 200 million dollars. Reports state that a vast amount of gold was stolen from this mine in the 1800s and the hanging tree at Vulture City where thieves were punished is still a historical marker. Vulture Mine was never reopened, but it did promote the established of Phoenix, Arizona.

Southern Arizona’s Superstition Wilderness abounds with ghost towns and legendary tales of the Lost Dutchman Mine. There is gold in the Superstition Mountains and area, but how much has always been a source of speculation. The Lost Dutchman Mine is supposedly located in the Superstition area and speculation points to this mine being worked by Mexican miners. The topography of the “Lost Dutchman Mine” area is similar to gold mines in Mexico where mining still carries on to this day. Take a trip to southern Arizona to find state parks that celebrate gold mining in Arizona and hike the trail to Fort Bowie to see where Geronimo surrendered and gold became a whisper.