US Gold and Silver Dealers Ratings – With Whom Can I Do Business With?

US Gold and Silver DealersFinding legitimate gold and silver dealers requires research and due diligence. The U.S. Mint Dealer Locator delivers online contact information in every state or you can purchase U.S. silver and gold coins directly from the U.S. Mint. Open an account, shop online and know that your silver and gold coins are certified. The American Numismatic Association Dealer Listing is beneficial when you want to buy or sell collective coins. Asking local jewelry or coin dealers to recommend a refining service is a good resource and finding reputable gold bullion dealers can be accomplished by searching the internet, contacting the Better Business Bureau and reading consumer reports and reviews.

– Gold and silver dealers across the U.S. are categorized according to user ratings. American Gold Exchange of Austin, Texas consistently receives a 4.3 rating. Founded in 1998 American Gold Exchange is a dealer-to-dealer trading and directs sales to the public. They have a large portfolio of gold and silver coins and bars and do work with other dealers to maintain their inventory.

– Listed as a top rated dealer, Texas Precious Metals has experience in wholesaling as well as individual gold and silver investments. In business since 1989 they pride themselves on a reputation of honesty, integrity and customer service.

– Midwest Bullion Exchange, Inc. one of a group of reputable gold and silver dealers is located in Minneapolis Minnesota and has a website that is maintained 24 hours a day. Midwest offers some of the most sensible investments in gold and silver bullion. You are also able to speak with an expert during business hours. All purchases and sales are highly scrutinized for safety and control.

– Mint State Gold is part of a group of gold and silver dealers in California and is considered as one of the foremost wholesalers of precious metals in the United States. They specialize in gold and silver bullion as well as silver coins.

– Oxbridge House is one of the foremost San Francisco gold buyers and they also trade in other precious metals. Founded in 1990 Oxbridge House is consistently listed on rating sheets for quality customer service and high business tactics.

Serious investors must research gold and silver coin dealers as a part of their investment packages. Whether your hold precious metals physically or in certificates, rest assured that commodity trading with a reputable dealer will provide you with stability in investing, trading, and holding.