Turkish Gold Coins – An Undervalued Investment Treasure!

Turkish coin making industry goes back several thousand years ago. It’s believed that the prototype of the very first gold coins in the world was struck in Lydia in 640 BC on the territory of modern Turkey. Turkish gold coins market offers a wide assortment of coins of various mintage years, purity levels, sizes, weights and denominations. The most frequently sold online Turkish gold coins are piastres, also known as kurush coins. Their rarity and historical significance has no rivals and can only be compared with the rarest China gold coins with their similarly lengthy history.

Turkey is the country with turbulent history resulting in a large number of coin sizes and denominations. However, Turkish Piastres Kurush coins are perhaps the most common eBay gold coins you will find any day for sale. Turkish Kurush gold coins are coins struck from approximately 1876 through 1918, in 91.6% purity in several denominations including 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 Kurush. The coins are beautifully inscribed with the years of Sultans’ rulings along with tughra seal and tree branches underneath. A lot of coin collectors find Arabic inscriptions hard to read and difficult to assess for value, however these Turkish old coins hold a lot of gold value and historical importance. To add to the confusion, the mintage years as well as other inscriptions are written according to the old Hejira calendar that is different from the Julian calendar used by other nations in the world at that time. All these factors coupled together make some collectors and investors shy away from the old Turkish gold coins. However, if you are determined to start your quest with old Turkish gold coins there are plenty of online resources helping you translate old Arabic writings and assess their significance and value.

In the 1930’s during Ataturk’s presidency, the official language of Turkey went through so called script reform in which Arabic letters were replaced with Latin alphabet alternatives. Ataturk, the first President of Turkey, did this in the efforts to re-introduce Turkey to the outside world and make it more European friendly. This in turn affected the mintage of the coins. Turkey began striking Turkish gold coins using Latin alphabet and modern day calendar years of the mintage. It certainly made easier for numismatists to recognize all the important specifications any collector or investor is looking in a coin, namely, its name, denomination, weight and the mintage year.

Due to very limited publicity and information available on the old and new Turkish gold coins, investors’ and collector’s interest is very low providing for opportunities to acquire great pieces for a low price. If you are determined to add these coins to your portfolio or numismatic collection, eBay is your best bet on finding just the right coin, from the right time period you are seeking. Pay attention to acquire exclusively certified Turkish gold coins ensuring that you are investing money in authentic gold coins and avoiding fakes.

Despite the historical significance and rarity of Turkish gold coins, it’s obvious that Turkish gold coins should amount to only small portion of your collection of portfolio. If you are willing to maximize your investment dollar, turn your attention to modern day bullion coins like American gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and South African Krugerrands, to name just a few of them. These coins boast much better liquidity and allow you to buy the physical gold at prices a little bit over the spot price of gold with significantly lower premiums.

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