Top 5 Places To Buy Gold Nuggets Online

Buy Gold Nuggets OnlineIf you are on the market to buy gold bullion online that simply tracks the market price of gold to provide yourself with a nice hedge against inflation, you should be aware that buying gold nuggets online in form of investment might not be your best option. Customers who buy gold nuggets online are purchasing them for their aesthetic value, collector appeal, rarity and many other reasons that have nothing to do with their actual gold value. Gold nuggets are considered natural gemstones that contain a myriad of various components besides precious metals. Oftentimes it’s really hard to asses a true gold weight of a given gold nugget and its price is based on its appearance, geological parameters and many other factors.

Many gold nugget experts believe that collectors should buy gold nuggets online due to their rarity factors since most gold nuggets that had been discovered before the 1990’s were all melted down in order to profit from their gold content. Mother Earth is slowly exhausting her supplies of gold nuggets.

Below you will find a list of top 5 places to buy gold nuggets online:

1. EBay is one of the best places to buy gold nuggets online including wholesale gold nuggets. You can buy directly from individual gold miners or distribution companies. EBay is a very safe marketplace that boasts superior customer satisfaction and keeps detailed track of sellers’ feedback system.

2. is the number one place to buy genuine Alaskan gold nuggets directly from the source. Here you can find some truly unique Alaskan pieces that could be fitted as pendants, rings or simply cased for your precious stone collection. Moreover, you can buy excellent, one of a kind gold nugget jewelry pieces that will deliver a wow factor to your overall look.

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3. Gem Rock Auctions specialize in selling specifically Australian gold nuggets through their system of secure online auctions using only verified sellers. Australian gold nuggets differ from gold nuggets uncovered in Alaska or anywhere else in the world and present truly unique pieces of collectibles.

4. Alaska Diving and Mining Supply Company is proud to be in the business of serving gold nugget enthusiasts for 35 years. At AKmining you can buy gold nuggets online that have certificates attached providing all the detailed information on how and when a certain specimen was uncovered, its weight and size specifications.

5. offers an endless selection for you to buy gold nuggets online through their secure online auctions. No matter what the weight of the gold nuggets is, you can buy them as low as $20 regardless of their true gold content. Besides gold nuggets you can buy pouches of gold dust or gold flakes.

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