Top 10 Silver Stocks To Watch

Silver Stocks

Many precious metals experts recommend that even your precious metals portfolio should be well diversified and include a wide range of investment mechanisms like physical bullion, silver ETF, mutual funds and silver mining stocks.

Below we present a list of top 10 silver stocks to watch that silver stock market analysts recommend.

1. Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW) is Canada’s most performing silver stocks companies with over 14 purchase agreements in politically healthy areas. The company is anticipating producing over 25 million of ounces in 2011 and its profits in 2010 were about $217million.

2. Silver Corp Metals Incorporated (SVM). Surprisingly, this Canadian miner does not report and debt on its financial statements which is very impressive compared to its market rivals. The Company reported a net income of almost $56 million in 2010. These silver stocks are very promising and should be carefully watched.

3. Hecla Mining Company (HL) has been in the precious metals mining business for over 100 years and projects production increases of 50% by the year of 2016 this in turn should raise their silver stock prices. Hecla Mining operates various large mining production sites in Venezuela, Mexico and other countries in the region. Company’s net income for 2010 was about $35 million.

4. Endeavour Silver Corp (EXK) is another very promising silver stocks choice. The company is constantly working on expanding its existing operating facilities in Mexico and reported mining over 3 million troy ounces of metal in 2010. In 2011 the Company promises to increase its annual production by 4 million troy ounces. Currently Endeavour Silver Corp’s cash cost of producing one ounce of metal is $5.71.

5. Pan American Silver Corp (PAAS). According to many market analysts Pan American Silver stocks are a must to watch due to their exploration of open pits in world’s most promising metal rich areas. The company shows no debt on its balance sheet and this gives it an incredible freedom of choice which direction to take. The recent dip in silver stocks price that the company took in the summer of 2011 gave a great opportunity for investors to get in.

6. Silver Standard Resources (SSRI). The company earned impressive net income of over $326 million due to selling 2 major mining operations. The company mines in a total of 6 countries in Central, South America and Australia.

7. First Majestic Silver Corp (AG) is focused on aggressive exploration and acquiring of mining operations in Mexico. Currently the company owns and operates 6 mines across Mexico. The company predicts to produce at least 7 million troy ounce of metal in the year of 2011 which will undoubtedly affect their silver stocks charts.

8. iShares Silver Trust (SLV) is one of the hottest silver stocks to own. The main objective of this fund is to allow its investors to track the spot price of silver by owning iShares stocks. Consider purchasing these silver stocks when the price is right.

9. Alexco Resources (AXU) stands out among other silver stocks to consider. Alexco Resources focuses its mining activity on the Yukon areas in Canada; however, it provides a long list of consulting services to various mining companies located in Central and South America. Keno Hill exploration in Canada alone unearthed over 217 million ounces of metal, one of the most promising numbers for any mining operation. The company is going strong.

10. Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp (CDE) is based in the US and is involved in mining both various types of precious metals. The company’s projected silver production is set at about 20 million ounces for 2011. The company owns operating and non-operating mines in Central America, Bolivia, Argentina and Mexico. Total sales were significantly higher in year of 2010 by 71%, however the company’s net loss was about 90 million dollars which dictates lower silver stocks price and an opportunity to get into promising silver stocks.

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