Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Canadian Gold Coins

Ever since Canadian Maple Leaf coins entered the market in 1979, their popularity has gone through the roof. Almost all savvy investors have a handful of these in their portfolio. Please read below where we explain top 10 reasons to invest in these mighty coins.

1. High Liquidity
Canadian gold coins are popular with investors because they have a high degree of liquidity. They are easy to sell if needed without any delays in the process.

2. Purity
These coins offer the highest level of purity, and they are stamped with the gold 9999 purity level.

3. Well Known Bullion
Canadian gold coins are some of the most well known bullion coins in the world. These were the original 9999 quality coin and the purest coins available for a time, although there are others with the same purity now.

4. Current Economic Downturn
The gold Maple Leaf price may seem like a small price to pay for some investors, like those who are looking for these coins because of the current economic situation around the globe.

5. Protection Against Inflation
Canadian gold coins can be used by investors to help protect against any future inflation. Gold and silver have typically been held for this reason, and this is still true of most investors today.

6. Record Gold Prices
Gold bullion has reached record prices in the last few years, and for many investors there is a belief that this metal will continue to rise in price. Canadian bullion coins can be used to take advantage of these record prices.

7. High Demand
There is a very high demand among investors and consumers alike for Canadian gold coins. This is due in part to Canada being right next door, so many investors are familiar with Canadian coins and currency.

8. Portfolio Diversification
Portfolio diversity is important for loss protection, and Canadian gold bullion can play a role in this diversity. Some investors may also add gold Mexican coins and options from other foreign countries as well, to even out their portfolio.

9. Risk and Safety Factors
Canadian gold coins are considered a very safe and stable investment choice. The country is politically secure and well developed, so there are no wild market fluctuations or political considerations.

10. Various Sizes Meet Most Budgets
You can find gold Maple Leaf coins in a variety of weights and sizes. This means that no matter what the investment budget is, any investor can afford one of these coins.