Top 10 Reasons to Invest in British Crown Coins

British Crowns are popular among numismatists coins had been originally minted in 22 karat gold and in sterling silver purity (92.5% silver to copper 7.5% copper) according to strict standards implemented by Henry II, however, after 1920 the purity was lowered to 50% silver to 50% manganese alloy making coins tarnish significantly. After 1947 crown coins were made exclusively from copper nickel alloy. In 1990 high purity gold and silver proof grade crown coins emerged sparking investors’ and collectors’ interest.

1. Historical And Bullion Value Combined

British Crowns offer the best of both coin types in a single investment. These coins offer benefits that cannot be found with old British coins that do not offer a standard weight and size.

2. Backed By The British Monarchy

British Crown coins are backed by the British government and monarchy, similar to the way that American gold Eagles are backed by the US government. With the monarchy backing these coins they are a terrific investment option.

3. Gold Prices Will Continue To Go Up

Choosing a crown or Henry VIII coin will offer high returns in most cases. These coins will continue to increase in value as gold prices continue to rise.

4. Great Hedge Against Inflation

British Crown coins can be used by investors to hedge against any possible inflation in the future. Gold and silver have historically been used for this reason, and they are still effective today.

5. An Attractive Gold Investment Option

If you are in the market for gold bullion coins, the variety available from Britain can be amazing. These coins contain beautiful and detailed artwork and are enjoyable to look at as well as to own.

6. Easily Stored And Secured

As far as gold investments go, British Crown coins can be transported, secured, and stored easily and with very little space required. This is also true of other gold coin types, and many investors prefer these coins over bars because of this factor.

7. High Degree Of Liquidity

When you buy British gold coins, you are also getting an incredible level of liquidity. Because these coins are so popular it is easy to locate a buyer and sell them in no time.

8. More Stable Than A Stock Investment

An investment in British Crown coins can offer you a much higher degree of stability than investing your money in mining stocks. Gold coins do not usually experience wide market swings and high volatility the way that stocks do, making them a better choice for many investors.

9. May Include Tax Advantages For Many Investors

British Sovereign gold coins, and certain other specific gold coin types, can offer you a number of tax advantages for your investing.

10. Highly Valued By Investors

One of the biggest reasons of all to choose British Crown coins is that these coins are very highly valued by investors. This makes them an ideal choice in most circumstances.