Top 10 Places To Buy Wholesale Silver Bullion Bars

Wholesale Silver Bullion Bars

If you are a large scale silver investor, buying wholesale silver bullion bars over bars of smaller sizes individually will definitely allow you to save significant amount of money overtime. While looking for the best place to buy wholesale silver bullion bars online, keep in mind that the price range for your bullion products should be between 10-15% over the silver bullion spot price.

Listed below companies offer quality silver bullion products at wholesale prices. Take care to read their purchasing information about wholesale silver bullion bars minimum purchases and payment options. Most wholesale silver bullion bars online places impose a minimum of 100 troy oz silver purchase and accept only bank transfers over PayPal or credit card payments.

1. Bullion Direct is the number one place to buy wholesale silver bullion bars online. On top of unbeatable service, superior product, competitive pricing and educational resources, Bullion Direct provides IRA account silver investment management.

2. APMEX provides one of the widest selections of wholesale silver bullion bars online in a variety of sizes from standard 1 oz bars to massive 100 oz silver Engelhard bars.

3. Bullion Vault is another excellent online place to purchase your wholesale silver bullion bars not only for their excellent selection of products but for additional bullion storage services that they offer if you do not want the hassle and expense of actually storing your own silver.

4. Bargain Bullion is one of the highly recommended places by many big time silver investors due to their highly competitive pricing getting you really close to the spot price of silver.

5. Golden State Mint is your answer to a question where to buy silver bullion. Golden State Mint is a full service silver bullion refinery, dealer and producer allowing you to buy directly from the source avoiding dealer premium rip offs.

6. Gainesville is definitely all about silver investing business with easily seen silver spot price charts, clearly defined silver bullion pricing and an option of paying with a bank wire or credit card.

7. Northwest Territorial Mint is one of the leading wholesale silver bullion bars online resource offering multiple IRA approved silver bullion products including 10 oz silver bullion bars.

8. Certified Mint is another good option for purchasing larger size silver bullion products, however, their selection as not as wide as it should be. Excellent customer service and plethora of information on the website is very helpful to novice buyers.

9. Provident Metals offers all precious metals bullion products at the lowest wholesale prices on the market. Provident Metals has been making its name on the precious metals market for over a hundred years and has made lots of loyal customers happy over these years.

10. Southern Currency. com provides their silver bullion price updates every 5 minutes to get its customers’ deals as close to the spot price of silver as no competitor can accomplish.