Top 10 Gold Scrap Buyers

Gold Scrap BuyersHave you ever wondered who buys your unwanted gold, broken jewelry and scrap dental gold? Well, among multiple businesses involved in buying scrap gold you can usually see gold refiners, smelters, jewelers, and even private mints. It’s very important to find reputable gold scrap buyers who will offer fair and honest estimates for your scrap gold. It definitely pays to shop around to find a place that offers decent customer service and will answer all your gold scrap questions you might have. It’s important to know that some gold scrap buyers will offer multiple payment options and even an opportunity to convert your scrap gold into gold bullions, you just have to ask.

The list below will present top 10 gold scrap buyers for you to consider.

1. Silver and Gold Exchange is perhaps the top place to consider when selling your scrap gold. Excellent customer service, reliable business practices and unsurpassed gold scrap rates make this place stand out among other gold scrap buyers.

2. Midwest Refineries, LLC helps you avoid the middle man and sell your scrap gold directly to the refinery source. They deal not only with major businesses but with retail customers. Midwest Refineries, LLC actually list the current spot price of gold on their front page so you can easily use it for your gold scrap calculator purposes and compare rates fast.

3. Scrap Gold Buyers is another good choice when it comes to gold scrap buyers with easy to read directions. It’s one of few gold buyers who will return your scrap gold if you are not completely satisfied with their offer.

4. is probably the most eco-friendly gold scrap recovery source out there taking pride in their low emissions gold refining technologies. In addition, they offer to pay double the difference in case you happen to find a better gold scrap deal.

5. Specialty Metals Smelters and Refiners, LLC is another excellent choice that allows you to not only turn in your scrap gold but also silver, platinum and palladium pieces.

6. US Gold Buyers are the leading gold scrap buyers endorsed by The Wall Street Journal and possess a license from NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. They also continuously offer free shipping and insurance for your prized scrap gold possessions.

7. Republic Metals Corporation refines and recycles virtually all types of scrap gold. They also provide consistently higher pay outs to their customers due to extremely precise sampling and assaying technologies in place.

8. Empire Gold Buyers are definitely worth checking out due to their easy no-nonsense process and a plethora of satisfied customers.

9. Gold Fellow has appeared on major news networks and has been gathering crowds of satisfied clients since 1977 due to their free shipping and secure scrap gold selling practices with higher returns compared to its competitors.

10. Houston Jewelry has won multiple Excellence awards and is now among the best places to turn in your scrap gold jewelry.