Top 10 Gold Mining Companies in the World

Gold Mining Companies

Financial market analysts use multiple strategies by assessing a gold mining company’s rankings. Some view yearly gold production as the top determining factor, while others assess cash cost per ounce of produced gold. The listed below gold mining companies are major gold producers placing gold on the top of their production list compared to other precious metals.

World’s Top 10 gold mining companies as of 2008:

1. Our Top 10 Gold Mining Companies List is topped by the world’s absolute leader in gold producing industry, Barrick Gold Corporation. This Toronto based firm produced over 7 million ounces of pure gold in 2008 year alone. Gold Barrick Corporation operates gold mines in Canada, South America, Africa, Australia and Pacific regions.

2. Gold Corp Inc. is among Canadian based finest gold mining companies that specialize in gold production in North and South American regions. Gold Corp utilizes extremely low cost efficient gold mining technologies and currently provides 14,000 jobs. According to company’s financial outlook, it is planning to expand its growth to almost 50% of its capacity in the next several years providing its shareholders with some of the finest gold mining investments opportunities.

3. Newmont Mining Corp is US largest gold producers with mining sites scattered over Americas, Indonesia, Australia, and Africa. It annually produces around 5.9 million ounces of pure gold. The company has created 15,000 jobs worldwide.

4. Newcrest Mining Ltd. is the top gold producing company in Australia. It owns and operates mining sites in Australia and Indonesia. Its successful merge with another leading gold miner Lihir Gold allowed the company to become the 4th largest gold producing company in the world.

5. Kinross Gold Corporation is one of Canada’s leading gold mining companies with gold production operations spread in Canada, USA, South America, Russia and Mauritania. The most profitable mining site is believed to be Kupol in Russia due to its low cost operations. The company is highly recognized for its superior socially responsible mining practices.

6. Anglo Gold Ashanti is a South African based gold mining company with production sites spread over 4 continents. The Company was involved in Human Rights Watch criticism with allegations of profiting from abusing people in developing countries. Since 2007 Anglo God Ashanti has been committed to working on reducing gold mining fatalities by 70%.

7. Russian based gold mining company Polyus Gold is the top gold producer in Russia with the majority of its gold mining sites located in the Russian Northern areas like Magadan, Amur, Yakutsk, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk. Polyus Gold Company has recently started developing gold mining sites in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Romania regions.

8. Agnico Eagles Mines Ltd. is a gold mining company headquartering in Toronto, Canada with gold producing mines spread in Canada, US, Mexico and Finland. The company strategically focuses on acquiring smaller gold mining operations and expanding them into big gold producers.

9. Gold Fields Ltd. is a South African based company that mines gold mostly in South Africa, South America and Australia regions. Gold Fields Ltd. is a proud annual producer of 3.5 million ounces of gold across its 9 mining sites.

10. Yamana Gold is another company with headquarters in Canada but gold mining sites spread all over Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The company puts the focus on utilizing efficient gold mining equipment and technology enabling it to maintain low cash cost per ounce of gold ratio.

Canadian gold mining companies are undoubtedly the leaders in the gold producing industries in the world with majority of its sites being placed outside of Canada on other gold-rich continents like South America, Africa and Australia.

Multiple sources have been used while writing this articles but the main inspiration was Wikipedia’s Big 10 article providing information on world’s largest gold mining companies in 2008.

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