Top 10 Gold ETF Market Players

Gold Exchange Traded Funds represent just another dimension of investing in gold. Many investors into physical precious metals realise many additional expenses that come with storing, insuring and selling their physical bullion portfolio. Most of these expenses are virtually eliminated if you choose to invest into one of these funds.

1. iShares Comex Gold Trust- Ticker Symbol: IAU

It is a gold ETF that is one of the top players in the market. This fund is very popular, and has a solid trading history.

2. ProShares Ultra Gold: UGL

Another top gold bullion ETF is a leveraged gold ETF fund offering great exposure for short term purposes, and is a great choice for many investors.

3. ProShares UltraShort Gold- Ticker Symbol: GLL

If you want to invest in short gold ETF, then this is one of the top players that can help you do this with very little effort.

4. Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF: GDX

This can be an excellent choice for many investors in gold stocks. This is one of the top ten players in the gold ETF market.

5. Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF: GDXJ

Its diverse portfolio and solid management history make this a popular investing choice.

6. PowerShares DB Gold Fund- Ticker Symbol: DGL

One of the good choices used even by bullion dealers at times. This fund had a one year return of slightly more than one percent not too long ago.

7. Sprott Physical Gold Trust- Ticker Symbol: PHYS

Although this is a newer gold ETF compared to many, this fund has become a big player on the market since it was introduced. It is considered a new Canadian option in the market, and has already seen success.

8. StreetTracks Gold Shares ETF- Ticker Symbol: GLD

One of the top exchange traded funds, his is a popular ETF choice for experienced bullion investors for many reasons.

9. PowerShares Global Gold & Precious Metals ETF: PSAU

With the high market prices, this gold ETF has seen a greatly increased investment activity. This is one of the best funds you will find in this market.

10. Horizons BetaPro COMEX Gold ETF: HUG

If you are looking for a top precious metals fund that offers tremendous investment opportunity, there are many on the market. This is definitely of the good choices to consider, which offers a very decent return.