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5 Reasons to Buy Henry VIII Coin as Gold Investment

Henry VIII was a very notorious figure in British history known the best for having 6 wives and being responsible for England’s breakaway from the Roman Church (English Reformation). During his 38 years of ruling, Great Britain had seen plenty of wars and invasions and had been on the brink of financial ruin many times.

Old British Coins vs. British Sovereign Gold Bullion

Typically there are three main players on the precious metals market, strict numismatists believing that old coins are the way to go, strict investors staying clear of rare pieces and choosing bullion over numismatics and then there are “numismatic investors” putting money not only in the metal content of the coin but the history behind it. Which is better

Sovereign Gold Coins Review: Pros and Cons

Sovereign gold coins can be a good choice for many gold bullion investors, but these do have some drawbacks as well. Before you decide to invest your capital in these choices you should understand the pros and cons of these investments, so you can make more informed investment decisions.