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Silver Coin Calculator – 7 Things You Need To Know!

Silver Coin Calculator

If you are thinking of selling a few coins from your numismatic collection or portfolio, silver coin calculator is a great way to calculate their values. It is important to remember that silver coin calculator can only determine the intrinsic value of your silver coins or, in other words, melt value.

I Have Old Silver Coins – Where To Sell Them For Cash With Best Gain?

Old Silver Coins

If you are a proud owner of old silver coins and willing to sell them for cash, you are in luck. The price of silver has reached almost all time high at almost $40 per ounce in mid September of 2011. All those who had an extensive silver investment portfolio or a collection of silver coins and purchased these years earlier definitely were able to sell some of their silver coins for a profit.

Top 10 Silver Coin Dealers

Silver Coin Dealers

Most Mints do not offer coins for sale to the public, instead they deal with wholesale silver coin dealers who then resell collectible or silver bullion coins to mass market customers. A quick internet search for silver coin dealers online or in your area is going to return a number of businesses.

Australian Silver Coins Value

Australian Silver Coins

Australian silver coins have gained equal popularity among silver investors and numismatists alike. The Australia silver coins value varies based on the coin, its specifications, coin grade and many other factors to take into consideration. Most Australian silver coins could be categorized either as silver bullion or collectible coins.

1881 Silver Dollar Coin Value – Why Does It Hold Up?

1881 Silver Dollar Coin Value

1881 Silver Dollar Coins or as they are also referred to as Morgan dollars are a welcoming addition to any numismatic collection. The value of these numismatic coins greatly varies and requires a trained eye to assess.

Buying Silver Coins – Common Mistakes To Avoid!

Buying Silver Coins

Buying silver coins can be confusing! Especially for a new investor. Especially when precious metals market is booming and hot. Learning about common mistakes helps to get a better grip on silver coin buy and sell process nuances and teaches novice investor what to expect when entering unfamiliar ground. Below we provide here a list of most common mistakes to avoid when you consider buying silver coins.

Silver Buffalo Coin Value

Silver Buffalo Coin

Silver Buffalo coins or simply Silver Rounds Buffalo design are some of the cost effective ways to invest in silver. These coins combine 1 troy oz standard size 0.999 silver purity with exceptionally low dealer premiums.

Silver Maple Leaf Coins For Sale – 5 Best Online Stores!

Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Silver Maple Leaf coins are minted at the state of the art facility at the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mint itself does not sell these Canadian coins to the public but only to coin dealers specializing on bullion products

US Gold and Silver Dealers Ratings – With Whom Can I Do Business With?

Gold and Silver Dealers

Finding legitimate gold and silver dealers requires research and due diligence. The U.S. Mint Dealer Locator delivers online contact information in every state or you can purchase U.S. silver and gold coins directly from the U.S. Mint. Open an account, shop online and know that your silver and gold coins are certified.

Top 10 Factors That Affect Price of Silver Today

Price Of Silver

Although the price of silver is not as volatile as some metals and stocks, it does vary and there are factors that cause the price to either increase or decrease. Silver is of lower investment value and demand than gold, but the rising commercial, individual and industrial demands for silver are producing higher prices in recent years.