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Gold Coins Investment: Pros and Cons

Gold coins have been used as an investment mechanism for many centuries. Their ability to store value and serve as excellent means of payment in the events of catastrophic proportions have made gold bullion the method of choice for many investors in precious metals.

5 Reasons to Invest in Commemorative Silver Coins

Commemorative Silver Coins

Collecting commemorative silver coins is a fun and rewarding hobby allowing you to gain appreciation from rising gold and silver prices and to add the rarest pieces to your collection. Normally issued in limited mintages, these coins celebrate a special event in the history

Where Can I Sell Junk Silver Coins I Collected?

Junk Silver Coins

Junk silver coins are not actually junk or scrap, instead they contain about ninety percent silver and are used for their bullion value instead of their numismatic value. A lot of people who are fond of coin collecting have accumulated a great deal of junk silver coins throughout the years.

Junk Silver Coins Value – How Is It Determined?

Junk Silver Coins Value

If you are trying to figure out your junk silver coins value, this article presents information and tips on how to assess your coins value based on current junk silver prices. Junk silver coins are coins that have no numismatic value and their only value is derived from the actual silver content, their purity and weight.

How To Sell Silver Coins For Melt Value?

How To Sell Silver Coins

Wondering how to sell silver coins for melt value? Now it’s easier than ever with high silver market price and active silver investment market. All you need is to locate trustworthy scrap silver coin buyers and visit their office directly or, better yet, mail your silver coins for an estimated pay out amount.

Australian Silver Coins Value

Australian Silver Coins

Australian silver coins have gained equal popularity among silver investors and numismatists alike. The Australia silver coins value varies based on the coin, its specifications, coin grade and many other factors to take into consideration. Most Australian silver coins could be categorized either as silver bullion or collectible coins.

American Eagle Silver Dollar Value

American Eagle Silver Dollar Value

American Eagle silver dollar value has been on the rise in the recent years due to constantly increasing silver market prices and higher than regular gold and silver investment demands.

Mexican Silver Coins – Investment Worthy!

Mexican Silver Coins

Mexican silver coins are not only a nice addition to any numismatic collection but also a sizable silver investment. Despite the fact that ancient Aztec empire was known for its gold, old Mexican silver coins are popular among silver investors and numismatists.

Silver Mexican Libertads Facts and Value

Silver Mexican Libertads

Silver Mexican Libertads are Mexico’s most beloved coins celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence from Spain. Mexican Libertads have been historically minted in North America’s oldest mint Casa de Moneda de Mexico that goes back all the way to the 16th century.

Silver Eagle Coins vs. Gold Eagle Coins – Which One Is A Better Investment?

Silver Eagle Coins

A lot of newbie investors are asking what to buy, Silver Eagle coins or Gold Eagle coins? Both gold and silver as an investment commodity have their own pros and cons. Major analysts disagree on what a better investment is, gold or silver?