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Top 10 Mistakes People Make While Buying Gold Coins

Buying Gold Coins

Before you go out buying gold coins, get familiar with our helpful “Top 10 Mistakes” guide and steer clear of these common misconceptions.

Air Tite Coin Holders Review

Air Tite Coin Holders

Rare gold coins deserve a special treatment and protection but what if your coin is not of an average shape or size? What if your gold coins are of unusual dimensions and will not fit in standard plastic coin holders or cardboard coin holders?

Top 10 Numismatic Gold Coins

Numismatic Gold Coins

Coin collection hobby has been around since the birth of civilization. The earliest accounts of numismatic gold coins go back to Caesar Augustus, the founder of Roman Empire, giving out coins of various origins to his guests at the Saturnalia Roman Festival.

Best Gold Coins San Diego Dealers

Gold Coins San Diego

Are you located in San Diego and looking for gold coin dealers in your area? While most American investors or collectors prefer buying gold coins online from reputable gold dealers like APMEX Gold, USA Gold and Amergold,

Top 10 Gold Coin Dealers In USA

Gold Coin Dealers

These top 10 gold coin dealers in USA have received extensive customer recognition for providing overall excellent gold bullion trading services, keeping great bullion and numismatics inventory in stock and offering only the best competitive prices with low premium ratios.

Gold Detector Machine Review

Gold Detector

Gold mining industry has made a lot of progress since the California Gold Rush era when people were using rudimentary precious metals panning methods. Modern day market is flooded with a variety of gold detectors for both professional explorers and individuals who view gold prospecting as a hobby.

Old Gold Coins for Sale – Are They Good Gold Investment?

Gold has been steadily holding its high positions for a number of years now due to 2009 economic downturn. Though its price has gone down a bit, it does not scare investors of gold as they continue acquiring gold coins of all makes and types. Are old gold coins a good investment?

eBay Gold Coins – Mistakes to Avoid!

Gold Coins for Sale

A mere keyword search of “gold coins” on eBay returns thousands if not more of lots offered for sale on this largest in the world online marketplace While eBay remains one of the most popular and safest online places to buy various gold coins from sellers all over the world, there are a lot of things to watch out for on this otherwise safe market grounds.

Certified Gold Coins – Where to Buy Them to Avoid Scam?

Buying certified gold coins is an excellent way to profit from the rising price of gold and to provide safe haven for your investment portfolio. Finding the best online dealers is your sure bet to get your investment or a numismatic collection off the right start. Before we provide readers with the list of the best online dealers, let’s take a look at what certified coins really are and how the process of certification affects the value of the coins.

7 Reasons Why to Pick Only Gold Proof Coins

A gold proof coin is a coin that has been subject to a special minting process, polishing and dyeing method producing a coin with superior finish and two tone appearance. Such coins cost more than standard uncirculated varieties due to extra efforts that go into making these superior products and much higher premiums.