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7 Interesting Facts about Gold Buffalo Coins

Gold Buffalo Coins

Up until 2006, American Eagle gold coins had been the only gold bullion coins minted by the US Mint. However starting in the summer of that year new Gold Buffalo coins were released for sale to the general public in the proof strikes. Immediately they became one of the highest regarded coins on the market not only among collectors but investors as well.

Indian Head Coins vs. Other American Gold Bullion Coins

If you are thinking about a gold coin investment, you will want to compare the many different options you have available, including Indian Head coins vs other American bullion coins.

The original Indian Head coin design was carried out

First Spouse Gold Coins – Where Gold Investment Meets Gold History!

First Spouse gold coins were first introduced in 2007 honoring First Ladies of all American Presidents in the history of the country. Approximately four or five versions of First Spouse gold coins are issued each year.