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Gold Vienna Philharmonics Coins Review

A gold Vienna Philharmonics coin is a coin first struck in the best European traditions by the Austrian Mint located in Vienna in 1989. This gold bullion coin is produced in the purest gold form of 24 karats (999.9) and is now available in five various sizes.

German Gold Coins Value – Why Is It A Good Investment?

German gold coins are one of the most coveted coins among collectors; and no numismatic collection would be complete without these rare pieces. It’s hard to find a coin that represents German coin making industry better than a Gold German 20 Franc coin.

Certified Gold Coins – Where to Buy Them to Avoid Scam?

Buying certified gold coins is an excellent way to profit from the rising price of gold and to provide safe haven for your investment portfolio. Finding the best online dealers is your sure bet to get your investment or a numismatic collection off the right start. Before we provide readers with the list of the best online dealers, let’s take a look at what certified coins really are and how the process of certification affects the value of the coins.

Rare Gold Coins vs. Standard Gold Bullion Coins: Pros and Cons

Rare Gold Coins

What is the difference between rare gold coins vs standard gold bullion? This question gets commonly asked by new investors who enter the world of precious metals investment. While it may seem confusing at first, the difference is very easy to comprehend.