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Russian Gold Coins Review – Great Investment for Gold Buyers

Gold coins for sale can be found from almost every nation, and Russia is no exception in this area. Russian gold coins can be a terrific gold investment for several reasons, and they are becoming more popular. Russia is the largest country in the world with expansive lands,

Swiss Gold Coins vs Swiss Gold Bullion – Which One Is A Better Investment?

Swiss Gold Coins

More and more novice investors are turning into precious metals market as the only capital refuge available in turbulent economic times. However, if you have never purchased gold coins before, there’s so much to consider.

Top 5 Plastic Coin Holders

Plastic Coin Holders

Proper coin storage is extremely important to preserve the ultimate appearance of precious metal coins. Environmental elements like moisture, dust, direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations have an inevitable effect on the finish of your gold coins considerably reducing their value.

Top 10 Benefits of Purchasing Gold Bullion Coins

Purchase Gold Bullion Coins

Despite the fact that there are numerous benefits of purchasing gold bullion coins, we will focus on top 10 benefits from the investor’s stand point.

Gold Vienna Philharmonics Coins Review

A gold Vienna Philharmonics coin is a coin first struck in the best European traditions by the Austrian Mint located in Vienna in 1989. This gold bullion coin is produced in the purest gold form of 24 karats (999.9) and is now available in five various sizes.

Gold Dollar Coins Review: Myths and Facts

Gold dollar coins history dates back to the 1830’s when California Gold Rush created the need for people to make gold coins that could become new means of payment for goods in place of raw gold nuggets.

5 Interesting Facts About Five Dollar Gold Coins

American gold coins had been one of the most common means of payment in the emerging financial markets throughout the 19th century and during the California gold Rush era. They were much more durable than paper money and were able to survive rough conditions and heavy circulation.

eBay Gold Coins – Mistakes to Avoid!

Gold Coins for Sale

A mere keyword search of “gold coins” on eBay returns thousands if not more of lots offered for sale on this largest in the world online marketplace While eBay remains one of the most popular and safest online places to buy various gold coins from sellers all over the world, there are a lot of things to watch out for on this otherwise safe market grounds.

Certified Gold Coins – Where to Buy Them to Avoid Scam?

Buying certified gold coins is an excellent way to profit from the rising price of gold and to provide safe haven for your investment portfolio. Finding the best online dealers is your sure bet to get your investment or a numismatic collection off the right start. Before we provide readers with the list of the best online dealers, let’s take a look at what certified coins really are and how the process of certification affects the value of the coins.

China Gold Panda Coins Review

The Chinese Gold Panda coins have a lot to offer to gold investors and coin collectors. Produced for the first time in 1982, these coins contain gold bullion which is 99.9% pure and are minted with a very high quality standard. The metal used in the minting process is being exclusively mined on the territory of the Peoples Republic of China according the strictest specifications.