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Where To Find Gold Krugerrands For Sale?

Gold Krugerrands For Sale

Krugerrand gold bullion coins are one of the most popular choices for a lot of gold investors. These were introduced to the world gold bullion mass market in 1967 and ever since then Gold Krugerrands are one of the highly sought after bullion options for many reasons. At some point at the end of the 1980’s Gold Krugerrands sales accounted for the lion’s share (90%) of the global gold bullion investment market.

What Kind of Factors Affect Krugerrand Gold Coins Price?

Krugerrand Gold Coins Price

Similarly to any gold bullion coin, Krugerrand gold coins value is derived almost exclusively from the gold weight they contain. Due to the nature of gold bullion coins they track the current spot price of gold. So the price of gold and all the factors going into its calculation ultimately drive the prices of Krugerrands.

Should I Buy Krugerrand Gold Bullion Coins Now?

Krugerrand Gold Bullion Coins

A lot of novice gold investors are asking again and again whether they should be buying Krugerrand gold bullion when the price of gold is so high (as of March 31, 2011)? Generally speaking, you want to stick to the conventional investment wisdom and avoid buying gold Krugerrands or any other gold bullion products while the spot price of gold is within its historically high ranges.

7 Benefits of Investing in South African Gold Coins

Ever since their initial mintage in 1967, South African gold coins have been known among gold investors for their immaculate purity, value and historical importance. Krugerrand is the official name that is associated with South African coins made of gold that are embellished by an image of the President of old South African Republic who served four terms.

Krugerrand Value: Top 5 Factors That Affect It

Gold Krugerrands are gold coins native to South Africa that take their peculiar name from the combination of two words, namely, “Kruger” that is the name of famous South African President and “Rand” which stands for the unit of South African national currency.

British Gold Coins vs. Other Bullion Coins

If you are considering a gold bullion investment, then you may want to look at British gold bullion coins, and compare them with coins minted in other countries. For a long time the only gold coins that investors were interested in were Gold Krugerrands,

5 Important Things to Know about 1 oz Gold Krugerrand

It is hard to find another gold coin that will encompass so many benefits of owning it than a 1 oz Gold Krugerrand. Unsurpassed quality, high investor and numismatic demand and low premium costs compared to other coins of its class, place this product among the top choices to buy no matter if you are shopping to replenish your collection or portfolio.

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins Value – Main Factors!

American Eagle gold coins are the official bullion coins of the USA that have been struck in 22 karat purity since 1986. Today American Gold Eagles are available in four sizes, 1 troy ounce and fractional ½, ¼ and 1/10 of an ounce creating wide investment choices.