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Where Can I Sell Junk Silver Coins I Collected?

Junk Silver Coins

Junk silver coins are not actually junk or scrap, instead they contain about ninety percent silver and are used for their bullion value instead of their numismatic value. A lot of people who are fond of coin collecting have accumulated a great deal of junk silver coins throughout the years.

Top 10 Silver Coins of The World

Silver Coins of The World

Silver coins of the world are sought after as investments as well as collectibles. There are thousands of bullion and numismatic coins minted throughout the world, and most collectible lists are opinions of collectors. Collectible silver coins can be listed in any order, but they all represent an investment in history, silver, and enjoyment.

Top 10 Collectible Silver Coins

Collectible Silver Coins

Coin collecting is a fun hobby and an opportunity to profit in difficult economic times when prices for precious metals take off. Collectible silver coins come from all over the world and those countries that use quality silver

Silver Eagle Coins vs. Gold Eagle Coins – Which One Is A Better Investment?

Silver Eagle Coins

A lot of newbie investors are asking what to buy, Silver Eagle coins or Gold Eagle coins? Both gold and silver as an investment commodity have their own pros and cons. Major analysts disagree on what a better investment is, gold or silver?

Wholesale Silver Bullion Rounds – New Hot Pick on Bullion Market!

Wholesale Silver Bullion Rounds

Have you considered buying popular quality silver bullion products but were discouraged with high seller premiums eating into your investment value in case of popular American Eagle silver bullion coin? Wholesale silver bullion rounds might just be the answer to your question on how to find affordable silver bullion coins without hefty seller premiums.

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins Value

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins Value

American Eagle silver bullion coin is by far the most popular top selling coin among all 999 silver bullion coins products. American Eagle silver bullion coins value is superior due to so many factors positioning them so highly on the silver bullion market.

Silver Investing Strategies: 7 Tips from Seasoned Investors

Silver Investing Strategies

Sticking to these 7 Silver Investing Strategies will help you profit from silver market gains and to additionally hedge yourself against inflation.

Silver Investing Advice: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Silver Investing Advice

Our silver investing advice will help you avoid Top 10 Silver Investing Mistakes and maximize your investment potential.

1. Investing in silver jewelry. Stay away from investing in silver jewelry since it has substantial alloy content and high craftsmanship mark up.

Double Eagle Gold Coins – 5 Reasons Why They Are Gaining Popularity

Double Eagle gold coins are historical American bullion coins that were being struck for a time period from 1849 through crucial in monetary history 1933 year notable for Roosevelt’s gold confiscation act ordering Americans to turn in all their gold coins and certificates.

First Spouse Gold Coins – Where Gold Investment Meets Gold History!

First Spouse gold coins were first introduced in 2007 honoring First Ladies of all American Presidents in the history of the country. Approximately four or five versions of First Spouse gold coins are issued each year.