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Gold Dollar Coins Review: Myths and Facts

Gold dollar coins history dates back to the 1830’s when California Gold Rush created the need for people to make gold coins that could become new means of payment for goods in place of raw gold nuggets.

5 Interesting Facts About Five Dollar Gold Coins

American gold coins had been one of the most common means of payment in the emerging financial markets throughout the 19th century and during the California gold Rush era. They were much more durable than paper money and were able to survive rough conditions and heavy circulation.

What Are the Best Gold Coins for Investment?

What are the best gold coins for investment? This is a question asked by every investor who has ever considered gold bullion or gold coins for investment purposes, and the answer will vary depending on the investor. You may want to find gold coins for sale because of the high market value this metal has right now

$20 Gold Coins: Pros and Cons of Such an Investment

The $20 gold coins have become a very rare historical option, a lucrative choice for numismatists and investors at the market, but what are the pros and cons?

These are historical gold bullion coins that have a face currency value of twenty dollars,