St Gaudens Gold Coins Value and History

St Gaudens Gold Coins

Wondering what St Gaudens gold coins value is? You are not alone. With gold prices staying high for the last 5 straight years, no wonder a lot of collectors and investors are turning their heads in the direction St Gaudens Gold coins value. Some of the most beautiful gold coins ever minted in the United States are St. Gaudens gold coins or Double Eagles as these are sometimes alternatively called. These coins weight 1 troy ounce with .9675 troy ounces of fine gold. These 22 karat coins were being minted between 1907 and 1933 and are rare, highly sought after and are expected to actually appreciate in value over time.

The images on the Double Eagle gold coins with a face value of $20 were originally designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens who was a very popular sculptor during President Theodore Roosevelt’s tenure. Though the sculptor never had any previous experience working for the US Mint, he took on the project that was made rather difficult to accomplish due to his declining health. Not a lot of people know that US Mint’s Chief Engraver Charles E Barber made a crucial contribution to the design of highly acclaimed Lady Liberty and the double eagle after Augustus Saint-Gaudens passed away in 1907. Saint-Gaudens coins were originally designed in high relief with Miss Liberty on the front and an American flying eagle on the back. After initial mintages the decision was made that original high relief design was too time consuming to replicate, a lower relief design was created later in 1907 and introduced to the public in the 1908. This was also done to lower the cost of production, make storage easier and increase St Gaudens gold coins value for investors.

The original St. Gaudens did not have the motto “In God We Trust” present since President Roosevelt felt that these coins might be used for illegal activities ultimately debasing the motto. Later editions were commissioned by Congress to include this phrase due to public outcry. The Saint Gaudens coins continued to be minted until 1933 when it was declared illegal by the United States government for its citizens to own gold and St. Gauden’s coins were recalled. Some coins did “slip” though the recall and settled in private collections. This covert action has contributed to the high St Gaudens gold coins value of these gold coins and collectors generally prize and highly secure these. As a note, those who already owned the coins in collections were allowed to keep them as long as these coins did not circulate through the money system.

Today the Saint Gaudens are one of the most well known and recognized of any gold coins available today. St Gaudens gold coins value is appreciated for both their artistic intricacies and their concentrations of pure cold. While these are perhaps not the best gold coins for investment, especially the St. Gaudens High Relief, the Double Eagle and those minted in 1908 and in 1933 due to their high cost, these are great pieces to satisfy any numismatist. The Saint Gaudens gold coin is like the Holy Grail for both bullion and numismatic coin collectors, because this coin has both types of value. For many, the historical and rarity value of the coin may exceed the gold value, even at a time when this metal is selling for record prices.

Many St Gaudens of special mintage marks sell to collectors between $50,000 and $150,000. One exception to this price was a private handling in 2002 where a St. Gaudens gold coin was sold for $7,590,020. Coins with a lower grade or imperfections noted on the coin generally sell for $5,000. Gold coin dealers are your best source for historical prices as well as the current values for each type of these gold coins.

It is not common to find these gold coins for sale often, and when they are available investors will grab them up quickly. Part of the reason for the value placed on these coins is because they were only produced from 1907 until 1933, so there are a limited number available around the world. Unlike the newer gold coin versions, like the and other investment options in this area, most of the Saint Gaudens coins have been destroyed or damaged, and one in mint condition can bring in an amazing St Gaudens gold coins value at auctions in some cases.

There are other popular options, like the American Eagle gold coins and the Indian Head coins, but these choices do not carry the same fascination or prestige for coin collectors as St Gaudens gold coins value. For most gold investors, owning the Saint Gaudens gold coin is comparable to a mountain climber reaching the top of Mount Everest, the fulfillment of a dream.The Saint Gaudens design was so popular that it was later reused for the obverse of the American Gold Eagle bullions that have been struck since 1986.