Silver Coin Melt Value – How Is It Determined?

Silver Coin Melt Value

With silver prices boasting their absolute historical highs over the last 30 years, more and more people are wondering how to sell silver coins and how to determine silver coin melt value. It’s easier than ever if you use a silver coin calculator. It’s a very easy and free online tool that allows you to enter various coins’ specifications like coin type, quantity and current silver price if necessary.

Silver coin melt value accounts only for coins’ actual intrinsic value or silver content. It does not calculate coin’s numismatic value based on its grade, rarity and other factors. Silver is silver whether you are calculating silver bullion coins value or junk silver coins value. Because silver coins come in much more diverse specifications compared to gold coins, almost all silver coin melt value calculators have preset drop down menus where you can pick your specific coins. This way you do not have to wonder how much actual silver to alloy content your coins contain.

Another thing that is important to remember when computing silver coin melt value that depending on where you take your coins will ultimately drive the final pay out amount. Some dishonest coin dealers might simply rip you off by offering you much less than the spot price of silver on a given day. The general rule is to never accept anything less than 90% of the actual silver coin melt value. Shop around and you will find a reputable precious metals refiner.