Silver Coin Buyers – Which Company Should I Choose?

Silver Coin Buyers

Interested in selling a few silver bullion coins or numismatics? You are not alone, with silver prices on the rise there are a lot of people seeking to realize gains from selling parts of their precious metals portfolios or collections. Before you even attempt to look for silver coin buyers it’s worth assessing your silver coins value yourself. Generally, there are three types of coins (numismatics, bullion and junk silver) and depending on which one you have will dictate a type of silver coin buyers to go to. For most bullion and junk silver coins, the best place to go would be your local coin shop or refiner. Find out the spot price of silver on a given day and expect to receive at least 95% of it based on the purity of your silver coins and their weight. Selling numismatic coins is much more complex since you must know the exact grade, condition, mint marks and other specifications of your collectible coins. The best place to find out your numismatic coin prices is to attend a coin show or a reputable coin dealer.

When it comes to finding silver coin buyers, reputation is the key! There are too many scrap silver scammers out there drawn by climbing silver prices and an opportunity to make some quick cash. Do not short yourself and get the best silver coin melt value by contacting a number of reputable silver coin buyers.

We recommend you pick silver coin buyers who have been in the business for many years like Midwest Refineries LLC. Midwest Refineries LLC accepts not only junk silver dimes, silver rounds but virtually any scrap silver or gold no matter how small or large your lot is. They also deal with general public. These silver coin buyers are not going to charge you any refining or silver assessment fees. They guarantee to pay you 90% of your junk silver coins value, one of the highest on the market. Dealing with this silver coin buyer, you could rest assured you receive excellent customer service and highest pay outs.

Another excellent choice is US Gold Buyers, the company that perhaps pays absolutely the best returns on your silver coins and scrap silver. And the added bonus is that you will get your money the same day! It will cost you nothing to send your scrap silver over to their refinery and your packages are insured. It’s hard to imagine better silver coin buyers for your needs.

If you decide to use other scrap silver buyers, make sure they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and check customer feedback on the Internet. You will be surprised how many seemingly honest companies are not paying the top dollar for your silver coins you deserve.

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