Silver Buffalo Coin Value

Silver Buffalo Coin

Silver Buffalo coins or simply Silver Rounds Buffalo design are some of the cost effective ways to invest in silver. These coins combine 1 troy oz standard size 0.999 silver purity with exceptionally low dealer premiums. This coin features the work of Earle Fraser who designed the Indian head as a composite of three chiefs from different Indian tribes. Additionally, the Buffalo is a portrait of the real historical American Bison named Black Diamond weighing at 1550 pound who lived at the Bronx Zoo in 1913.

One of the most prestigious and trusted silver coin dealers to get the best Silver Buffalo coin value is Gainesville Coins. They have expert knowledge of gold and silver coins and are 5-star rated by the National Inflation Association. Gainesville advertises silver Buffalo rounds for $.79US over the current spot per ounce price (data as of Oct 24, 2013) and all Buffalo rounds contain one troy ounce of 99.9% silver. You can also find certified coin dealers by logging on to the United States Mint web site to buy these and other US coins.

The model for the current Silver Buffalo round, the Buffalo Head Nickel was not silver but copper and lead, and is among highly treasured collectible coins. The collectability of these coins is further enhanced by errors and unusual stampings. Some coins have 3 legged buffalos, letters over stamped numbers and blurred Indian heads or Indian heads with strange anomalies. To find a Buffalo Head Nickel with errors may bring up the value of the coin. As a note, the Silver Buffalo coin does mimic the 1913 nickel, but without the minting errors.

Silver Buffalo coins offer the investor or coin collector a unique and simple method of adding silver to a portfolio. Silver coins are offered in a variety of styles, but the most sought after coins for investment purposes are the Silver Buffalo coins. If you compare dealer premium charges on other US or international silver bullion coins, you will realize that these carry the highest silver coins value on each investor dollar you put in. Wide world recognition of Silver Buffalo coins makes selling them a breeze and chances are you will get the top dollar amount for them based on their value.

The 2001 Silver Buffalo commemorative coin that is 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper and has a face value of $1US. The design of Silver Buffalo coins was inspired by the Buffalo nickels from 1913 to 1938 with one side portraying an American chief image and the other a bison. There were only 500,000 coins minted and in fourteen days the entire collection was sold out.

In addition to the silver buffalo coin, the United States Mint offered American Buffalo gold bullion coins in 2006 which were the first pure .9999 24-karat gold coins minted for public use and collections. This Gold Buffalo head coin has a face value of $50US and is minted in the Indian Head style pattern after the 1913 nickel design. The first U.S. Mint price of this gold coin in 2006 was $800US and in 2011 the value of this coin accelerated to as high as $2010US.