Scrap Silver Prices Per Ounce – Why Can They Be So Different?

Scrap Silver Prices Per Ounce

Scrap silver prices per ounce vary depending where you go to turn in your junk silver. This is due to multiple factors that need to taken into consideration if you would like to get the top scrap silver prices per ounce.

The main factor has to do with the purity of your scrap silver coins or jewelry, the higher the grade of silver, the more money you are going to get for your scrap silver. In case you bring in your heavier scrap silver pieces like cutlery, silver bowls and candlesticks, your scrap silver refiner is going to charge you additional fees for removing additional non-silver parts that were used for reinforcing the structure of these objects. In this case your scrap silver prices per ounce will be generally lower than with junk silver coins, for example.

Another important factor that is important in different scrap silver prices per ounce is whether you come straight to an actual refiner or to a company that acts as a mediator between scrap silver customers and refiners. It’s obvious that you are going to get much higher scrap silver prices per ounce at the refiner than a middle man that is going to pay you only a fraction of true scrap silver price to stay in business.

Another good reason to take your scrap silver to a sterling silver refinery that you can trade in your unwanted silver or broker jewelry for silver bullions of various sizes and instantly turn in your scrap silver into a silver investing mechanism.