Russian Gold Coins Review – Great Investment for Gold Buyers

Gold coins for sale can be found from almost every nation, and Russia is no exception in this area. Russian gold coins can be a terrific gold investment for several reasons, and they are becoming more popular. Russia is the largest country in the world with expansive lands, history and culture which also includes the history of coin making. Russian gold coin making industry falls into three distinctive historical periods, namely, Russian Empire before the 1917 Revolution, time periods leading to the creation of the USSR and after, modern day after 1991 Fall of the Soviet Union.

Russian Imperial gold coins represented mostly by rubles and their decimals are some of the rarest and most prized coins in the numismatic world. Due to short supplies, dealers sell them out faster and impose higher dealer mark ups and fees. The historical period that followed 1917 revolution is characterized by great political and social turmoil which produced a scarce number of Chervonets coins of 10 rubles denomination. Certain mintages were melted and only a small fraction of these coins survived dictating very high price tags. During the USSR (Soviet) history the most remarkable numismatic event was the issue of gold and silver proof coins commemorating the 1980 Olympic Games held in the capital of Russia, Moscow. Coins of 50 and 100 rubles denominations were minted to mark this outstanding event in Soviet history.

Russia started minting its first gold bullion coins in 2006 authorized by the Bank of Russia in 24 karat purity. Each of these Russian gold coins has a weight of 0.2537 ounces and features images of double headed eagle on the obverse and St George the Victorious on its reverse side. The coins offer the face value of 50 Russian Rubles. These coins are very hard to find for sale online and the best place to acquire these could be eBay or Amazon.

Today Russian gold coins can be found in many different designs, weights, and currency values, and all of these choices can a great investment move for many individuals. Current versions of these can be found with the signs of the Zodiac in one series, art from the Russian Ballet in another, and scenes of Russian wildlife in a third series for gold coins investment around the world. However, the most highly anticipated new Russian gold coins have become 2 commemorative gold coins minted in 2011 in the preparation for XXII Winter Olympic Games hosted in Sochi in 2014. Bobsleigh and Curling coins each weigh ΒΌ troy ounces of 24 karat gold with the denomination of 50 Russian Rubles.

When it comes to the availability of Russian gold coins for investing, there are older as well as newer coins which are prized for the value of their metal content. You can even find rare and valuable coins, but these are prized for their numismatic value rather than for the amount of gold they contain. From 1917 until 1992, the most common gold coins from Russia were the Chervonets, which had a currency value of 10 Rubles. This changed in 1992, when the Russian government joined other nations and started producing gold coins and gold proof coins for investment.

If you are going to make a gold coin investment, you can see benefits from choosing Russian gold coins instead of British gold coins or choices from other countries. Though you will usually pay higher premiums for older mintages, you will acquire a piece of priceless history. This may also be true with some other foreign options, like German gold coins or Mexican gold pesos, but in Russia the markup charged can be a lot lower in some cases for modern mintages, depending on the specific dealer you use and the number and weight of coins you are purchasing. Russian gold coins add one more option for gold coin investors.