Interesting Facts about Royal Canadian Mint Coins

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is among world’s most well recognized producers of collector coins in addition to gold, silver and platinum bullion coins, medals and medallions. Affordable and stunning collectible silver coins are struck at the Ottawa plant and visitors can watch the actual minting of all coins from galleries above the manufacturing floor.

Let’s learn some interesting facts about Royal Canadian Mint coins:

Canadian coins are struck in one of the two Royal Canadian Mint facilities located in Ottawa and Winnipeg. Winnipeg plant is considered one of the high tech mints in the world daily producing millions of circulatory coins, highly prized collector coins and bullion coins made of gold, silver and platinum. The Mint’s unique patented technology allows the production of coins with holograms, colored plating and even laser cut effects.

Royal Canadian Mint is the birthplace of the iconic and most recognized silver bullion coins in the world, Silver Maple Leaf. This 1oz coin that comes with a face value of $5 CAD is minted from the purest form of silver on the market. Its obverse side is embellished with an image of Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse is proudly struck with the national symbol of Canada, the Maple Leaf. First minted in 1988 it has generated millions of fans among investors and collectors alike due to its exceptional silver coins value.

The $25 CAD Canadian silver wolf is a proof edition coin struck from the purest form of silver 99.99%, has a mintage of 8,500 for 2013 and considered is one of the most popular Royal Canadian Mint collector’s coins due to its aesthetic appeal, finesse and quality. The coin’s symbolic meaning gives it even more appeal among collectors since Canada is home to one of the largest wolf populations on the globe.

Silver Dollar Proof Poppy coin was introduced to the market in 2010 to mark the passing of the last surviving Canadian veteran from the WWI, Jack Babcock. It features a gorgeous red poppy that stands out from the sea of poppies and is minted from 92.5% silver to 7.5% copper alloy. There were only 5000 Silver Poppy coins made which is considered very limited edition mintage. It was inspired by the first colored circulation coin struck in 2004 created to express honor to all the fallen, surviving and serving veterans in Canada.

In 1987 the one-dollar coin or the Loonie, named after the loon that is sculpted into the coin, represented a significant change to Canada’s money system. In July of 2012, the Royal Canadian Mint honored 25th anniversary of Canada’s athletes with a Lucky Loonie Coin struck in fine silver with a face value of $1. It is one of the high demand Royal Canadian Mint coins because it brings Canadian history into coin collecting world.

In 2013 the Mint issued a 1 kilo Maple Leaf Forever Coin in silver feature the $250 CAD face value coin. This is one of the mint’s largest silver coins and is manufactured from fine silver with gold plating design.

Some of the most notable numismatic coins manufactured at the Royal Canadian Mints were Four Seasons 5 troy ounce 99.99% silver coins issued in 2006. These have a face value of $50 CAD and were the very first 5 ounce silver coins to be produced by the Mint.

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