Mexican Gold Bullion vs. American Gold Bullion

Mexican Gold BullionIf you are considering a gold bullion investment then you have many different options. These choices include bullion bars and coins minted in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, China and even Mexican gold bullion, but which of these options is a better one for most investors? There really is no correct answer, because each investor may have a different opinion and goals in mind. Mexican gold coins can offer an excellent investment opportunity, but these coins have no currency value in the United States. However, Mexican gold bullion does have the same precious metal value that American bullion coins do, so they can still be an ideal investment for most investors.

If you choose to invest in Mexican gold bullion you will have many options. One of the most popular coins from Mexico is the gold pesos in the fifty peso denomination. These coins actually contain one point two ounces of gold, and are sought after by a number of investors for this reason. Canadian gold bullion is another country thrown in the mix, because some American investors prefer Maple Leaf coins instead of Mexican Libertads or other foreign coin choices. Gold bullion can be a good choice no matter where the bullion originates from, but some coins may be a better choice for American investors than others are.

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For American investors, Mexican gold bullion does have some disadvantages. The last time gold was seized by the US Government, any gold coins which had a value in currency was exempt from the seizure. Although it is unlikely this would ever happen again, if it did then a Mexican gold Centenario or peso would be subject to this seizure. With American vs. Mexican bullion, the American versions of these coins will still be worth the face value even if gold as a resource and commodity becomes worthless in the future. Choosing Mexican coins will only benefit you in this case if you spend them in Mexico.

Examples of Mexican Gold

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Another consideration is your precious metals IRA, back in 1997 the US Government issued a list of precious metals coins and bars that would be approved to be included in your IRA. Including bullion coins as part of your retirement portfolio is a great opportunity to create a timeless investment that will additionally provide protection against devaluing currencies. American gold bullion coins are readily accepted as part of IRA while their Mexican counterparts are not at this time. For some investors this might be an important factor to consider when purchasing a particular type of investment.