Krugerrand Gold Bullion Coins Mintage Peculiarities

Krugerrand Gold Bullion Coins Mintage

The very first Krugerrand gold bullion coins mintage took place in 1967 and ever seen then South African gold coins have remained one of the most actively purchased gold bullion coins in the world. At some point Krugerrand gold bullion coins accounted for almost 90% or the world’s gold bullion market. Despite coins popularity in the 1970’s and 1980’s due to South African apartheid policies many Western countries banned the import of Krugerrand gold bullion coins. Only in 1994 after these policies had changed, the economic sanctions against South Africa were lifted and Krugerrand bullion coins continued to win their fans among investors and collectors alike.

Due to Krugerrand gold coins price being lower than most of its 1 oz gold bullion coin counterparts like American Gold Eagles or Canadian Cold Maple Leaf coins and significantly lower premium fees, it’s fair to say that it’s important to consider Krugerrand gold bullion coins as part of your gold investment portfolio.

The obverse side of Krugerrands depicts Paul Kruger the very last president of the South African Republic, the back side is embellished by an image of the national symbol of South Africa, a gazelle which is also called springbok. Did you know that according to Krugerrand gold bullion coins mintage facts, the actual name Krugerrand is widely misspelled? Krugerrand takes its name from two very important South African symbols, Paul Kruger (the last President) and the national currency of South Africa, the rands. Knowing this, you will never again be confused how to spell Krugerrand.

According to Krugerrand gold bullion coins mintage peculiarities facts, the 1 oz gold Krugerrand is composed of 22 karat gold with high quality alloy silver and copper components making Krugerrands very scratch resistant and able to preserve their initial appearance for many years to come. Unfortunately, Krugerrand gold coins’ 22 karat composition does not do them a favor when it comes to adding them as part of your gold IRA account, the coins are not IRA approved.

The Gold Krugerrands are sold to public in four different sizes ranging from a full troy ounce to 1/10 oz. The 1 oz. Gold Krugerrands are struck in two varieties, the bullion and proof grade coins. The only difference between these varieties is that the proof grade Gold Krugerrands have more serrations on the edges dictating a higher price tag. Some coins of certain mintage years may cost hundreds of dollars over the spot price of gold than their counterparts, especially coins minted in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s. This is due to the fact that these coins were not being imported into major European and Northern American countries during this timeframe because of economic sanctions against South Africa.

Coins of Krugerrand gold bullion coins mintage are very liquid and could be easily sold when need arises. A truly savvy investor knows that while the gold price is so high, South African Krugerrands remain one of the most affordable options to consider for your investment portfolio.