Junk Silver Dimes – Should I Sell Them?

Junk Silver Dimes

Before rushing into offering your junk silver coins for sale due to currently high junk silver prices, read this article where we try to explain what stands behind the term junk silver. Junk silver dimes are a way of referring to a silver coin that possesses no numismatic value and is comprised of 90% silver content. These non-numismatic coins were issued by the US Mint in the pre-1965 era and contained non only dimes, but quarters and half dollars. These are much more durable than, for example, silver bullion coins made from .999 purity silver and can be quite prone to scratching and damage. Pre-1965 junk silver contained 10% alloy copper to make them more wear resistant. While junk silver dimes do not present any interest to a numismatic society, they are quite popular among silver investors buying them purely for their silver content. Compared to relatively high premium costs on buying bullion and numismatic coins, junk silver coins are a cost effective way of investing in physical silver.

In addition, junk silver dimes are stashed away by a growing number of concerned investors that fear US dollar losing a lot of its value and buying power due to potential hyperinflation. In times like this, the only accepted means of payment are gold and silver coins that could be exchanged for daily necessities and food. While gold coins are too valuable and not always practical to pay for everyday purchases, small denomination silver coins are convenient and a readily accepted way of surviving in difficult economic times. Is now the best time to buy more junk silver coins? Probably not, because the spot prices of silver are quite high and it’s simply not financially wise to stock up on these survival mechanisms.

It’s important to mention that junk silver dimes are not always scrap silver coins, the later are usually coins that are in especially damaged state. Junk silver dimes are usually sold in bags of $1000 face value with 715 ounces of pure silver weight. Low premium fees make junk silver purchases a preferred investment choice for cost conscious individuals and savvy silver investors.

To give you just another reason to hold on to your junk silver dimes, consider the fact that silver has thousands of industrial applications, much greater than gold. Silver goes into manufacturing of TV’s, computers, tablets, smart phones and medical equipment, so if the industrial demands are growing so will the silver coins value.

The best piece of advice is definitely to hold on to your junk silver dimes since they might come really handy if the worst case scenario situation strikes and, on top of that, they are really good investment into physical silver.

If you do decide to sell your junk silver quarters, dimes and halves, consider researching online buyers and auctions to get the ultimate value of your prized collection.